Blogs that touched my heart

I stumbled upon these blogs one day while looking through my Onestat. Usually, I try to make it a point to make a reciprocal visit if some new URL shows on my onestat.

I had been following sayang H’s blog. The blogger is a single mom with a daughter that I had referred as ‘pick lovingly to care’. Well, Ummi had gone through some tough times before. Yet, you can feel the strength she has and also touched with the vulnerability of a being a woman. Her last two posts about her abang, God’s gift and also ‘money can’t buy love‘ are must-read for all women, especially mothers.

I told Tinkerbell that I will share with her some blogs but never got around to do that because my son cleared my brower addresses. So, here’s another one must read blog. Littlemissacred. She went through equally bad times like losing her boyfriend (to death) and recently lost her father.

On her recent posts, I had encouraged her to continue doing what she feels best about burning hell money and all the things for her father. Though I do no longer practice this as a Catholic, I know that it is a very comforting ritual to perform for the departed loved ones. It gives the ‘connection’.

She has to deal not only with the death of her boyfriend but also see that she is able to ‘disengage’ herself from his family. Personally, I know I would have a hard time to move on with life because there is definitely some expectations or scrutinising from his family. So, she is definitely putting blogging to good use by taking steps to move on.

These blogs are a few of the many that I regularly visit. Most times, I do not comment because I’d rather say nothing than say something wrong. I hope others will be inspired with Ummi and LittleMisssacred’s strength inspite of their adversities.

9 thoughts on “Blogs that touched my heart

  1. And for touching music videos,please come to my blog.hahaha =p

    kidding.lilian will slaughter me for this whoring.

    Btw,care to blog about the adoption process in Malaysia? Coz i’m interested to know. =D

    I heard its a complicated one,and a very long one.Emotionally draining.

  2. RB – I don’t mind wan. Do it as often as you like. I still owe you the Blogathon. Too many things to kpc haven’t got around to it yet.

    Adoption – If for Malay and Muslims, it is much easier because the parents do have the broad heart to surrender their children, regardless of sex of the child to another family who can provide a better home. But if for Chinese, sorry lah. The Chinese and also Indian have this mentality. If boys, they die-die also won’t surrender because he carry the family name mah. This is what I learnt from foster homes.

  3. No worries, Lilian. I’ve got you to thank for connecting me to a very special friend, who by chance, found me through your blogroll :=)

  4. Tinkerbell – It’s a small world after all!

    Devilwitattidue – I found it on the Yellow Pages! Serious. I converted less than 3 years ago. Need a church so I thumbed through the Yellow Pages and ended up a Catholic. God’s will. Hahaha

  5. *sigh* i tot my blog touches you everywhere … but now only know you don’t feel anything for my blog at all. *sob* *sob* can’t find nina, my favourite shoulder to cry on 🙁

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