Sudah potong? (circumcision)

I was browsing through the news. The question on whether new moms ought to circumcise their baby boys was often brought up in our parenting discussion.

Then, I found this piece of news from BBC but do not think this should goes up on my Mom’s Daily blog or all the paediatric surgeons may become too busy. However, this is also too informative to ignore.

Circumcision ‘helps to halt HIV’

Foreskin cells are thought to be more susceptible to HIV
New research suggests circumcision could be effective in preventing the spread of HIV among men.

The study of more than 3,000 men in South Africa was done by the French agency for Aids and Viral Hepatitis.

The data, outlined at a conference in Brazil, shows male circumcision prevented about seven of 10 infections.

UN health agencies have cautioned that more trials are necessary before they will recommend this as a method to protect against Aids.

Previous studies have suggested that men who are circumcised have a lower rate of HIV infection.

It is thought that the cells of the foreskin are much more susceptible to HIV than cells on other parts of the penis, so by removing the foreskin, the likelihood of infection drops.


There…community message from 5xmom. Potong…jangan tak potong. Come little birdie, birdie, snip, snip…
. FYI, my posting about self-circumcision still receives many hits from search engines. I do wonder if people really do a self-circumcision? Major ouch, don’t you think?

Kahkahkah, don’t leave your reply. Not interested to know. Hahahaha.

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  1. Must leave reply. Eh…erm..dunno whether I should say this…but oklah..we’re all open minded ppl right =P Anyway, I think a circumcised one looks nicer than a not circumcised ones and IT IS true that foreskins tend to harvest bacteria sometimes…wait..harvest is not the right short, most think that removing foreskin = nicer (guys would say “fuh, our bird will look more handsome) & hygienic

  2. moo_t – No leh, I don’t like to be sheeps. And I never read or watch Harry Potter either. Me comfortable with the adsense dollar as it is. This….is quality content. Hahaha.

    S-Kay – Yakah? *blush* I agree.

  3. My little son one already “potong” as the doctor recommend it. Not because of HIV of course, but to avoid infection in future wor…

    No idea is true or not. But after that, he pees much easier and not cry every time.

    Maybe is better to do it afterall!

  4. isn’t the best way to not get hiv = not having unsafe sex with people with hiv (namely prostitute)? hiv shouldn’t be linked to circumcision at all.

  5. cccp – Try telling them to the millions of gatal men? Hahaha. Probably another theory may be these guys who are circumcised are circumcised due to religious reasons and they are faithful to their religions and did not seek out pros and hence, did not get AIDs?

    Joe – Want me to put up video on the process onot? Apalah, you how many years old eh?

    S-Kay – I know a guy who went to do it around 20+ yo because he want to have better ‘performance’. Giler betul.

    egghead – So, you want to follow him or not? Hahaha, I am humsup, sue me?

  6. Joe – where did you get that idea from. Circumcision IS NOT castration. Go check wikipedia. Some ethnic also practice circumcision, e.g. Jews.

  7. LOL…No Joe, it won’t make it shorter coz ur just taking off your foreskin and Lilian, mmg better performance (according to the guys) know why? They say it feels like not wearing condom while having sex. More sensitive and all.

    Bout AIDS…well, non-circumcised males usually have a higher percentage of carrying that disease coz their foreskin tends to be the ‘breeding ground’ (sort of like a temporary hide out) before it spreads.

  8. against_circumcision : Para 2 – Circumcision do not generally disensitize the penis. In fact, it makes it more sensitive. It’s (again I’m using this example) like a man having sex without a condom. Their penis would be more sensitive as there isn’t a layer of skin (a condom layer for example) protecting their sensitive nerves.

    Para 4 – It does not disfigure a penis. The reason why ppl say it disfigures a penis is because a penis comes naturally with a foreskin hence, when they see a penis looking different from normal, they would assume that it is disfigured. In fact, I think a penis which is circumcised looks much better than a non-circumcised one.

    “Depending on the amount of skin cut off and how the scar forms, the circumcised penis may be permanently twisted, or curve or bow during erection.33 The contraction of the scar tissue may pull the shaft into the abdomen, in effect shortening the penis or burying it completely.34”

    With the skills the doctors have acquired in this field, it is unlikely that a circumcised penis may permanently twist or curve or even bow during erection because if it so, then no one would go all around telling ppl how a circumcised man perform better in bed than their non-circumcised counterparts.

  9. In oz it is mainly done for religious reasons ” not a normal every day thing any more.One must go to see a counsellor watch dvd of the procedure ect ect and then decide my gf has to drive to Sydney to have her son circumcised ,,btw also go on the clinic’s waiting list.

  10. can any body suggest a clinic for do the circumcise? Now i stay at penang. i dont want the expensive clinic. and i want cut my foreskin to be very nice. Quick reply, very urgen

  11. Hey can anyone answer Joe’s question…
    I am facing the same problem like Joe….
    Appreciate if anyone can recommend a good clinic..

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