Chocolate heaven

I love chocolates. But only the expensive ones and only dark chocolates. No Made-In-Malaysia stuffs for me. Not because I am snobbish. I figure – if I go for something expensive, then I can’t afford to eat it all the time, right?

I have chocolates in stock most of the time. I have a bar of Lindt and a tube of Toblerone in my granary right now. I will buy Famous Amos chocolatey chocolate cookies on weekends. I also have a tub of Baskin Robbins in the fridge. Hot cocoa by Hershey’s in the evening.

I don’t know why but I think chocolates keep me sane. I don’t have PMS, do I? You don’t read so much ranting over here, right? And I am full of lurve because chocolate has pheromone? You know, like the queen bee that go buzz, buzz, buzz? And thousand of soldiers serving her majestry queen bee?

Chocolate also keeps me healthy. See this news?

Dark chocolate may be good source of flavonoids,

Scientists have proven that dark chocolate has the same type of flavonoids that antioxidant rich foods such as green tea, red fruits and vegetables, and red wine do. High blood levels of flavonoids contribute to good cardiovascular health and may lower the risk of heart disease and certain cancers. Source

Now, I wonder if I am going to enjoy the movie, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? I guess not because I do not like any books by that silly old man Roald Dahl. Like the Cat in the Hat type of story? I do not allow my kids to read his books too. They are silly enough without further poisoning.

But the storyline seems yummy.

A young boy wins a tour through the most magnificent chocolate factory in the world, led by the world’s most unusual candy maker.

I may end up in chocolate heaven too. So, instead of giving me diamonds, my atm ended up giving me chocolates most of the time. Then again, in Malaysia and especially Penang, where can I find decent taste chocolates other than Lindt? Some of those so-called handmade ones only look good but taste lousy.

Did I mention that I want to go to Switzerland one day? And live in an alpine villa made of chocolates. If I cannot afford to go there in my lifetime, I have asked my atm to scatter my ashes over at some chocolate factory.

Ahhh…I love chocolate. Please tell me you do too.

21 thoughts on “Chocolate heaven

  1. Hey what a coincidence! I just wrote a blog tittled Chocolate is Heaven 1 wk plus ago.

    Yes I like chocolate and like you I prefer oversea one.

  2. Haiyo ? Why ah ? My mother also like dark chocolates, so does Mrs. O, I’m pretty sure LIttle O will grow up to like dark chocolates also. What is it about women and chocolates especially dark chocolates ? Does that also mean that women prefer dark boyfriends / husbands ? *scratch head*

  3. Nowdays, I simply got “addicted” to Famous Amos cookies. Why ah? Talking abt chocs, we still have plenty leftovers from our Langkawi trip. Beli banyak sangat sampai tak termakan!

  4. Dark choc is heavenly. The bangang thing is, I love toblerone’s dark choc but the marts here only sell the normal white one. Cisbedebah.

  5. simmie – I just had BR chocolate icecream, burp. Oh ya, I also like Tuscany shake from Picolo Mondo.

    Hazel – Is it the very black ones? I love those because you can feel the small pieces of soft chocolate melting in the mouth. Alamak..tonite must go to Amos.

    BawangMerah – Kesian….

    Orion – Then, you should be glad! They are more calm after chocs, no?

    Cheh-Cheh – Let me check it out soon.

    matakecil – Ewws…only melted chocolate makes finger licking. It is suppose to melt in the mouth! Unless you are the Personalist lovers. *winks*

    kasba – Careful not too much nanti pimples.

  6. Japan make the finest dark chocolate. They grind the cocoa so fine, even Van Houten cocoa powder is consider coarse. More expensive than Lindt, turbolene. Drool…

    Hersey hot chocolate? Ich……. Real chocolate fans should use Van Houten(tm) Pure cocoa powder. 100% made in Malaysia product for Van houten Switzerland.

  7. i was eating dark chocolate and happened to read your post! i’m a chocolate lover too! everything chocolat-ey catches my attention. you should try swensen’s ice cream too. my fav, sticky chewy chocolate ice cream. and yea, good choc are beneficial to health but not those ciplak one because it’s not made of pure cocoa…just cocoa butter, which is not good for health.

  8. Ooo.. another topic i love…

    I usually have Meiji Dark Chocolate or Hershey’s Dark in my office. In fact, I was just eating it before lunch to ease my hunger.

    Chocolate lovers should try Ben and Jerry’s Ice cream. They have CHUNKS of choc pieces inside.

    Chocolate drinkers must go to Max Brenner “Chocolate by the Bald Man”. They don’t have it in Malaysia yet, but they have in Singapore. Lain kali kalau datang, belanja lilian makan lah. Try the ones in Sydney, memang bagus.

    Anyone tried keropok with chocolate sauce? hahaha…

  9. Keropok – The only Meiji we have here in Penang is the tiny bits for kids. And no Ben and Jerry either. Keropok with chocolate sauce? Ewwss….

    Spectrakia – Ya, tell me, is it available in KL? I checked out the website and there seems to be no outlet.

    lynn – Yeah, sticky chewy chocolate but Swensen already bankrupted in Penang also. *sigh* Penang so ulu, damn!

    moo_t – Really? Wow, then eat the chocolate fed dog. Yum…..

    moot_ – I thought the Swiss made the finest? I never really seen Japanese chocs around so can’t tell.

  10. aiyahhh!!! U mentioned so many times d word “chocolate”. Now I know y my adsense didnt fetch the right ads.

  11. Lilian, they have this small boutique selling Godiva chocolates at the Mutiara Hotel, KL (the old KL Hilton).

    Besides Lindt, I like the Droste ones as they have introduced the 72% and 75% dark chocs. Great for baking!

  12. It is the usual crazy yapunis refinement. They spend so much in refinement to make a chocolate that cost you a boom.

  13. haiyah u din buy Leonidas at MidValley??

    chocz at klcc???

    patchi at mph, the curve??? there r more places selling them these days, i think parkson klcc oso got :p

    kekeke oso valrhona at shang kl


  14. wonder people say Chocolate is better than Sex :> One of the chocolate brand that I love is Ritters..*grinnzz*

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