After 2 nites of p0rn….

which seems to look like a zoo with bears, dogs and horse. And a million – Are you sure? questions. Plus a few hundreds of grandmas????? I can tolerate those gambling, lose weight fast, get fast cash spams but not the out of this world kinda p0rn. Fuyoh, why not go make a huge piece of jelly and use it? Or a large watermelon? A carrot or cucumber? If like that, next time remember to reincarnate into animals la.


I manually go through 240 entries from my PenangFaces food blog, closed the comment, disable trackbacks and delete the spams. I think I must have click a few thousand times.

It is worth it. Get those sicky p0rn out of my Movable Type system. I wonder, why does my MT get spammed but not my blogger? I have two blogspot blogs that are still active (and generating Google Adsense too).

So, I wonder whether people out there keep their old blog running when they have moved to a new home? Do you still leave them? I do. I even installed Google Adsense for them. Drop by sometimes to check it. After all, it was a few months of hardwork, tears and joys there. My two old blogs at and are taking up a piece of the WWW. Does your old blog die or lives on?

8 thoughts on “After 2 nites of p0rn….

  1. i hope mine would never die. šŸ˜› i want it to live as long as possible so that generations after mine might one day ‘discover’ this..err.. ‘artifact’ of mine. šŸ˜›

  2. i have this fear of my blog closing down if my master decides to get an impreza wrx sti. it would be a disaster because the blog should only close once project 8-triple-5 is complete. Plus he would probably hand me down to his sister!

  3. “I think I must have click a few thousand times.” Either you have a super mouse, or by now, a very sore index finger šŸ™‚

  4. toxicle – Yeah, I really cannot understand why MT, such a great thing can have this loophole. The blog is of sentimental value to me as it was my first paid blog so I refused to delete it. I had deleted my other MT, though.

    fishtail – I tell you, if you look at the trackbacks spammed, you would do it no matter how tedious. Things like all the rogol video sites la, father/daughter stuffs, women and dogs la and everything. Any visitor can easily stumbled upon these p0rn sites so I have to do it or else….My blog is registered with Allmalaysiainfo and other food forums so cannot play-play. Habis my reputation afterwards.

    8555- nevermind, the 8555 can still maintain

  5. auntie, in your case, i think i’ll “attack” the sql database directly, do something like “update blog set opencomment=0 where entry_id

  6. auntie, in your case, i think i’ll “attack” the sql database directly, do something like “update blog set opencomment=0 where entry_id &lt xxx or entry_time &lt 5days ago”

    and more ganaz, i’ll delete comments too using “delete from comments where content like %some common spam string%”

    i donno the table structure of wp or mt since i develop my own blog .. but if i were you, that will be how i’ll be doing it ..

    some more, i’ll modify the comment form field name (and the sources subsequently) so that robots will get lost in the blog

    ps: backup the database and the sources first !

    ps2: auntie.. got problem with comments ? test something world (delete this lah )

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