Blogathon – I am so dead!

I had written about it and hope you good people out there will support this project. There are many charitable bodies that you can donate to. Remember, the money goes from your pocket straight to the charitable causes.

I had pledged my donation to Eden Handicap Centre which is the organisation chosen by Yvonne. Good people out there, check out this young lady’s blog. I believe not many of us have the kind of courage and strength like Yvonne. She just discovered another tumor and yet, her posting comes across with no bitterness but just pure determination. I met Yvonne only for a couple of hours and I am full of awe.

Another young lady – owner of RealityBites whom I had met twice is also participating in the Blogathon. She chosed the National Kidney Foundation.

These young ladies are staying up 24/7 (with some people to take over the shifts) to blog every half hour just so that these charitable causes receive some of our donations. Go on, choose whichever foundation/charitable body you prefer and PLEDGE your money.

Now, why I am so dead? Because I was in a hurry to go to KL the other day and did not notice that the amount I pledge is supposed to be in USD. That is one farking 3.8 times. I am dead because I was thinking in Ringgit Malaysia.

Oh well, I guess these charitable bodies are not going to send their Ah Long (loanshark) and pour red-paint on my walls and write in blood – You cheapskate woman, you pledge XYZ amount but you give only one quarter of the amount. They do not mind really. I am giving whatever I can afford.

God bless all the bloggers! Morons or not.

10 thoughts on “Blogathon – I am so dead!

  1. Bharain’s currency also cannot. Not to say dowan loh, kids have to go to school mah, and then hor SPM pun nak sampai, father dun let… Unless you take over my shift lah.

  2. yo aunty lilian, if your still sweating about the goofiness u made thinking it was in RM instead of USD, my offer for you to relax in my back seat is still open….


  3. moo – Noler, I am only giving RM50, not USD50. Want my atm to skin me meh? I just took RM500 to renew website for MyMomsBest only.

    8555- I don’t care ler, I think people will pledge without paying also got wan.

    RB – Ei, I nanti have to eat white bread leh.

    Wingz – CB, you talk so much here, you got pledge or not?

    Kiasi – Nvm la, I cuma beat gong for RB and Yvonne, kpc saja. Just ignore if cannot afford la.

  4. No worries. the worse is will send their honchos to threaten you. haha! nolah… its in my heart, that is what truly matters. No one’s gonna make sure how much you donate at the end of the day. RM50 is a lot in donation, you know. considering how much malaysians usually offer. RM1.. RM2… RM10.

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