GTA San Andreas banned in Australia. (15SX?)

I blogged about GTA San Andreas furore on July 10th.

And today, I read that it is banned in Australia.

The clip :

GTA sex scandal hits Australia

San Andreas was one of the best-selling games of 2004
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, has effectively been banned in Australia because of hidden sex scenes.

But what caught my eyes are :

Hot fuss

San Andreas was originally classified as a MA15+ title, meaning it could only be sold to gamers aged over 15.


This reminds me. Yesterday, I called up my children’s paediatrician. It goes something like this:

5xmom : Dr. Cheang, my eldest son is over 15 years old. He needs a tetanus jab because the Government nurses are doing it for all his classmates. (A nationwide vaccination exercise. I never allow my kids to be jab by the Government clinics.) How? He no longer ‘qualified’ to see you anymore.

Dr. Cheang : Hahaha, yeah, the age limit is 15 years old. (The Malaysian paediatricians are allowed to see kids up to 15 years old only. They are looking for an extension to 18 years old.)

(We continue the chat and eventually settled for something workable.)

See? Even the medical sector classifed a 15 years old as adult.

Is there a scientific fact that 15 years old and 1 day is wise enough to think? Who says that 15 years old and 1 day is matured? Did the persons who set the law have 15 years old kids at home?

I don’t know. I think they don’t know what kind of stunts 15 years old can get into. If I have the pahwer, I would set everything at 18 years old and above. Below 18 years old, all di bawah ketiak mak. (under mom’s armpit) And no one under 18 years can comment! (hehehe, I have a few below 18 yrs old readers, no?)

8 thoughts on “GTA San Andreas banned in Australia. (15SX?)

  1. 15 year old considered as an adult..? this era, I doubt it could be taken seriously. I think I only started being like an adult when I hit 17. Back then, it was all fun and not really thinking about studies having forced to do it. 😐

  2. kahsoon – I read that liao and knew about it. But the thought of 15 years old bothers me because my 15 years old is very much a child to me eventhough he is very independent and a lot matured than his friends.

    dannyFoo – Now, 13 yrs old are let loose everywhere because parents are all working. So, it is a whole new ball game for parents like me. Hard to control the kids.

    S-Kay – Hahaha, did she get the nekid part?

    Keen – This patch only applies for the olijinal ones, right?

  3. You don’t need an original given it’s not a patch but a mod. Can install mods on pirated or original copies, but patches are usually only going to work on originals.

  4. hmm..i remember bringing a “copy” of GTA San Andreas for my cousin in europe last december .. he printed a whole load of god knows what and was playing according to that =.=”

  5. i think GTA should be alowedto sell coz its only the pc version Xbox n Ps2 cant access it

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