Movable Type is killing me. Help!

I have this blog Penang Faces at that I had lovingly taken care of. It was lovingly nurtured. A wholesome, good food blog. It is on MT and I have no wish of changing it. It is a subdomain. I have stopped blogging from there and now using WordPress on

But I spent 1 hour last night deleting spam on comments and trackbacks. It will never end.

I have MT blacklist but it doesn’t seem to work. I cannot afford to let the spam continue because these are not just any sites but extremely, extremely scary sites. My blog is still getting visitors, all the kind grandmas looking for food for their grandkids. All the nice ladies searching for recipes for their hubbies. What if grandmas stumbled on a whole new world call that geria-phile? (don’t anyone dare spell it right or my google die!) and these sweet ladies stumbled upon desperate housewives (of the dark kind?).

So, any kind people out there can tell me what to do? I have disabled trackbacks and comments but it only works for future posts and not what had been posted. Everyone I know seems to be WordPress diehards.

Help before Movable Type kills me.

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  1. depending on the version of your MovableType, the method varies slightly. the newer versions have a lot of supports for plugins for this kind of thing and you could install them almost easily (check

    for my website, I installed a plugin to display graphically generated number that the visitors have to key in manually before their comments are accepted, that way there’s no way for those automated spambots to bypass.

    so far, it worked really well for comment sections. it doesn’t work for trackbacks (i disabled trackbacks completely), but if you’re using newer versions of movabletype, i think there’s one for trackbacks too.

  2. yeah get the key in number thingi.

    What i did was,i disabled comments n trackbacks for my old posts =p But you probabaly have a thousand post in ur MT heh

  3. An error occurred:

    Can’t use an undefined value as an ARRAY reference at lib/Blacklist/App/ line 716.

    Use of uninitialized value in concatenation (.) or string at /home2/www/ line 78.

    *haih* I try to despam but keep getting this stupid error code. And that farking and cheebye pedronetwork kept piling on hundreds of spam. May the owner die a miserable death with all his/her limbs flying north, south, east and west or at least the LC rots.

  4. I would recommend SpamLookup, which is in our Movable Type plugins directory. MT3.2 (now in beta) will have full spam protection built in.

  5. What version of MT are you using?

    What kinda spam are you being hindered with?

    I used to get lots of poker or casino type of ads. However, I think after banning a certain word using MT-Blacklist, it’s eliminated the spam.

    MT-Blacklist is very powerful since bundled in MT 3.15 if I’m not mistaken. You could either use keyword banning or the normal URL type.

  6. Danny – I am using MT 3.15 and do have the MT-Blacklist plugin. But I get the above error code whenever I try to blacklist. So, I gave up.

    Anil – I downloaded the plugin but decided not to try upload it to my server. Too risky for me to play around ‘cos I have absolutely no knowledge of MT at all.

    Kuzco – Hahaha, yeah very.

    So, in the end…..I manually closed comments, disabled trackbacks INDIVIDUALLY for my 300+ entries. Don’t care le, as long as these farkers don’ spam anymore. It is not just simple p0rn but those of the very sick ones. I am only half-way through. A lot of work but I am gonna get rid of comments and trackbacks or go bust. Then, I have to delete those spams comments and trackbacks. *sigh*

  7. Thanks Yusmar – I download the plugin but got lost with the instructions. I had never venture into dabbling with MT files before.

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