Nikon D50 – anyone?

I am so excited! There is going to be a Nikon camera roadshow tomorrow at Gurney Plaza.

My atm ajak me to go and see. Wheee! So, no breast augmentation, after all. (joke only ok?)

Anyone has this camera? I had tested the Nikon D70s which is too heavy for my lady-like arm and the hold is too broad for my palm.

I read on dpreview about this:

Digital SLR’s are quickly becoming the fastest moving segment of the digital camera market, this means more new digital SLR’s, more competition and lower prices. The Nikon D50 is introduced as a more affordable and easier to use version of the D70 which was released just under fifteen months ago. Anyone who has seen or handled the D70 will immediately see a strong resemblance in the D50, it’s only when you start to examine the camera in a little more detail that you notice the differences (we’ve detailed them below). Clearly the D50 is designed to compete with other affordable digital SLR’s such as the Canon EOS 350D (Digital Rebel XT), Pentax *ist DS and Olympus E-300.

Which means it better be in the same price range. God, please let it be less than RM4K. God, please let it be less broader than the D70s. God, please charm my husband.

The full comparison on D50 and D70s is available on dpreview but is there anyone out there who can give the layman comparisons? I only understand half of what is written on the site.

The only key difference between the D50 and D70 from an image pipeline point of view is that the image processing algorithm has now been tweaked to improve rendition of highlight detail (to clip less and have a softer roll-off to the highlight). It’s also worth noting that the D50’s default color space mode is IIIa which is still sRGB but is described as being optimized for nature and landscape photographs, you can see the difference in the sample on this page of our D70 review.


Gosh, I am so excited. Better don’t blog tonight but concentrate on massaging my atm.

(I am using a Konica-Minolta Z3)

10 thoughts on “Nikon D50 – anyone?

  1. Hmm.. I don’t know much about DSLRs. But personally, I’d take the D50. It’s lighter, smaller, larger eyepiece cup [more comfortable to press against your face], larger LCD screen [not that u use it when shooting anyway], uses the SD card [which is smaller and lighter compared to th CF card that D70 uses].

    D70 connect to USB1.1, while D50 can go up to USB 2.0, which is several times faster. Meaning you can transfer those SUPER HUGE photos in HUGE amounts a whole lot faster.

  2. D70s and D50 ? You better go for D70s lah.The price difference not much.And D50 was supposed to be cheaper (less than 3k,go check out the US price) but dunno what happened.

    D50 was supposed to be an entry level DSLR,but god knows what happened with the nikon msia.

    Price differs not much from D70s..geezz…and now i heard that most of the shops “dont have stock for D70s”…go figure =p

    and yeah the D50 is lighter,but so is canon 350d =p

  3. Lilian,

    after you get the camera, next thing you’ll know it you’ll be drooling over a new lense… then flash… šŸ™‚

    anyway.. here’s what i’d recomend..

    D50 comes with 18-70mm lense
    55-200mm f3.5-5.6 (i think) lense.. for your super zoom up shots (i.e. peeping on dr liew)
    50mm f1.8 lense… good for low light and potriat shots. (i.e. your kids sleeping).
    Nikon Speedlight SB-600
    1GB of SD Card ( worth it)
    and a good camera bag to store all of them.. šŸ™‚

    any way its well worth it.. pictures are amazing with dslr

  4. I have been eyeing digital SLRs for sometime now. Canon 350D looks exciting. I intend to use it primarily for astro-photography and 350D is a good start. There is a 20D for Canon as well be it is well over rm10k! the 350D is around rm4K but still too high for me, guess I will wait until the prices come down to below Rm2k, i think the ringgit unpeg will help get us there faster.

  5. Try canon 350d, its the smallest digital slr body todate. Nikon D70 and D50 is yum yum too. Massaging atm? Thats entirely a different topic and technique! hehe

  6. OK, update.

    The price is RM3,499 with 1GB card, a flimsy tripod and camera bag. It is not very impressive, I would say. Side by side with D70s, I think I will still opt for D70s.

    The roadshow guy know nuts about camera. So, we went to our usual camera shop. The agent told us -HOLD ON TO YOUR WALLET. THE PRICE IS DROPPING IN A FEW MONTHS TIME. And pssst…he said, if really want to buy, don’t buy D50, opt for D70s.

    So, case closed until the price drops.

  7. I just wait for a fast focus DPNS(digital point and shoot). Carring a heavy DSLR is not a issue, but getting the lens is the killing part.

    If you can wait, just wait. When ringgit go up to 3.60 to 1 USD, you will save few hundreds ringgit. šŸ™‚

  8. Both also not good. I have just tested last sunday. If you insist to have a SLR type, then D50 is the best. But I would go for Canon S2IS. Though it is a compact camera, I tested it and found it is more superior than D50. Just my 2 cents.
    Oh, since you like macro, this model’s macro is superb. Give it a try and you’ll know. Furthermore, its shuttle speed is the best!

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