Remembering the old hair salons


Hair salons used to come with names like Siew Hua Perm Parlour, Salingna Hair Beauty Salon, Mew Mew Hair and Beauty Parlour.

They don’t offer hair washing. Just ‘set’ or ‘cut’ or ‘perm’.

I think I only get the privilege to cut my hair at Bee Nah Perm Parlour when I was about 10 years old. (i.e. 30 years ago lah, I think the owner also sell salted eggs liao lor)

She got cold fingers and touched the nape of my neck and until today, I hate anyone touching me (except ermmm…some selected few lucky guys in my whole life). Such are traumas that I endured.

Before that, my mom used to give me the tempurung cut. Tempurung is half a coconut shell. Well, she did not really katup the tempurung on my head and cut it like the tempurung outline. But then, with my stubborn hair, I still end up with hair like the Penans. You want to have an idea what exactly I am talking about? Go to that siao Rojak’s site and see the banner.

Or to make it easier, like this:
Photo stolen from this post.

Where are all the old perm parlours? Those that come with swinging doors. And Holiday on Ice powder? Using those spikey hair curlers? Plus steel strength hair spray?

Parents : You can read how to handle your child first cut (the hair la) at MyMomsBest website. Make it pleasant.

Others – Do you remember that first trip to the hair salon?

3 thoughts on “Remembering the old hair salons

  1. err pls tell me that pic is only a pose? you dont perm your toddler’s hair,do you? =p

    eh wait,that is your toddler right?

    oh btw theres this hair salon at pulau tikus,its opposite the err pluszone?near the traffic lights wan.

    a lot of old aunties go there wan.

  2. o ya…..the holiday on ice talcum i remember!!! i think i saw it in one of the kedai runcit near my house. i’m pretty sure they still use it tho’…not the fancy RM60 per trim shop lar….the ‘perm parlour’ kind i mean. 🙂

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