Women power – BlogHer Conference ’05

I stumbled upon this.

BlogHer Conference ’05

BlogHer is a network for women bloggers to draw on for exposure, education, and community. By holding a day-long conference on July 30, 2005, and establishing an online hub, BlogHer is initiating an opportunity for greater visibility, learning and success for individual women bloggers and for the community of bloggers as a whole.

Well, it is held in California, USA. But still, I am excited that women bloggers made up a huge chunk of the bloggers in the world.

Where are the women bloggers? We’re right here! Women represent roughly half of all bloggers. A Perseus Development Corp. survey (12.04) reported 56 percent of blogs are created by women. A Pew Internet survey (1.05) reported that 43 percent of bloggers are women.

Women bloggers made up roughly 50% of the blogsphere. So, are there any difference between women and men bloggers in the Malaysian blogsphere?

Well, I think so.

Firstly, women tend to start flame wars more than men.

Secondly, women’s blogs tend to be made of sugar and spice and period and hormones. Period.


It is true. I sit here and try to think of a female Jeff Ooi, a female LiewcF, a female Dr. Liew but I can’t.

If you ask me if I have any role models amongst the Malaysian blogsphere, I will say yes. But my role model is male.

So, I hope BlogHer will leads the way to empower more women bloggers. Those that blog about corporate life, career, politics, religions, education, IT and whatever stuffs men are blogging about. Of course, blogs like my parenting and local food and sights are the pearls. (Ouch! I had been out shopping and need to blog something, anything. And this is just to release tensions from all those shoving and toes stepping at the shopping mall and warehouse sales.)

Err….do you all agree with my views? Silence means consent.

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  1. RB – Tarak beli. See my comments in the posting. I wanted to say silence means agreement. Agree that we still lack women bloggers with ooomph. Wrong choice of word. Msia, conference? I errrmm…don’t think so. Hahahaha.

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