Sunday musing

I arrived late for church this morning. While trying to catch my breath, her appearance caught my eyes. For some strange reason, seeing her there brought back a whole load of memories. And I couldn’t hold back the tears.

Who is she? A very plump, pleasant, friendly head of department (or matron or something) of the hospital. I don’t even remember her name. Few years back, I had been one hell of an annoying customer.

She had been most patient. I demanded her department to dismantle things just so that my son can be warded in the High Dependency Unit (in the paediatric ward) instead of the Intensive Care Unit (with adults). She got the maintenance staff to pull down wires and frames so that the room can accomodate the radiant warmer, a high structure. Later on, they had to instal mosquitoes nettings because I find mosquitoes bites on my son.

Thereafter, she often greets me with “Mrs. Loh” and a warm smile whenever she meets me in the hospital. Back then, no one mess with me and get away with it. If I see that things can be made more efficient or more comfortable for my son, I will made a request right to the Medical Superintendent of the hospital. Their nursing director was bombarded with my endless, written complaints about rough handling, slow response to patient, bad attitudes, just about everything. I complained about poor service, unfriendly hospital attendants, insensitive staffs bla bla.

I am not proud of what I did but I am glad most of them took it positively. My complaints changed some of the systems. My pleas changed some of the nurses’ attitudes. Later, my tribute to nurses around the world on Nurses’ Day (which appeared in the Star) earned some respects from the nurses. Still, there are a few sharp glances (jeling) from others. (Who cares. I deserve it anyway.)

So, even before the Gospel reading, I was already sniff, sniffing. I felt like being kicked in the stomach when I think back about those load of shitty stuffs that I had to deal with. All those disppointments, fears, worries, false hopes, death looming and etc.

But the Word brought some senses back to me. I was reminded that we are not to think of what we don’t have but what we have. So, things are ok now. I got home and get a big, tight hug from the little brother. And I know God will take care of the other one in Heaven.

2 thoughts on “Sunday musing

  1. The best care & guidance he shall get in Heaven! Amen.
    And u know wat? If u or others have not voiced out some points tat time, they wouldnt have improved at all. Not till today.

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