You simply vote (re : petrol price)

This morning, over the Sunday papers….

5xdad : Hoi, I thought you bloggers know the news beforehand. Why you no tell me petrol price increase? Tius lah, the Naza’s tank is empty. I could have saved RM5-RM6 if I pumped petrol last night.

5xmom : Heh, 9pm I already knew but how to trust the news anymore? The blogsphere also got news about 1/3 of Penang people being swallowed by another tsunami. You can believe or not?

5xdad : You lah, go and simply vote. In 6 months, already how many times petrol price increase. Ini tak boleh jadi. Ish!

5xmom : Hoi, hoi, who said I simply vote? I vote wisely. I vote for a handsome face, I vote for a younger guy in ADUN (hint – the one who did not carry a weighing apparatus/Batu Uban & Sungai Nibong, Penang people only know). I got pissed off by the bad administration at the voting centre and head for the ‘moon’ instead (parliament). So I am not responsible for the petrol price increase, ok? It has nothing to do with me, you know.

Therefore, who is responsible for the petrol price increase? Is it you? You? You? Who VOTE for that! Tell me.

Err….can we ask the 80 years old birthday boy to come back? I don’t remember him increasing petrol price that often, right?

12 thoughts on “You simply vote (re : petrol price)

  1. Dam it petrol price up again…but the thing im most piss off is that the government decide to announce it at 9.30 p.m. yesterday…while the “Rakyat” is at shopping mall or watching movies..why cant they announce it in the day time?? no way in hell they make the decision on 8.00 pm and announce it at 9.30 pm. (a wild guess..if they announce earlier people will be flocking to the petrol station to fill up their tank…but if they announce late in the night not manny will notice and hence…WALAH…more people will have to pay for expensive petrol tomorrow morning = revenue for the government..!!! )

  2. I just cannot imagine queueing up for one hour or more just to save RM5 for just that one time. Malaysian mentality ah. Haiyoh.

    Now they’re expecting another hike up end of the year. Not sure yet so why not be wise and save your petrol from today onwards. Carpool!! Sheesh.

  3. hahaha…hi, I’m just a passerby, I like the line, bring back the 80 year old boy…agree…at least he only increases petrol after his 25 years of administration.

  4. Come on manz! If they announced a day earlier, ppl gonna carry spandok boycott. Last minute announced rakyat cant do much ma.

  5. There is very little the government can do about the price increase. No matter who you vote! There is only this much the government can subs. The only think i am not happy about this is the Gas go up 10 cents a kilo by the kari mee will go up 20 cents. Dont make sense one..

  6. hahaha!! ur ’80 yrs old birthday boy’ remark reminded me of wat my neighbour said when the petrol price last went up (not too long ago, if u can recall)….she said, ‘sejak itu ahmad jadi PM hor, petrol selalu naik!!’ – what struck me as funny was she used ahmad inteads of the infamous second name….:D farneee!!!

  7. Petrol price increment is only the beginning. Next change – electricity bills- this one no chance to queue up to top up the tank. Then cooking oil…. Ringgit float means ringgit can get less things-mah.

  8. And the high sulphur petrol(which sell in all Malaysia petrol stration) is imported from middle east.Unpeg suppose to give us cheaper petrol. Anyway,politikus will give you 1001 nonsense, and the eunuch media will not dare to question them.c

  9. nola, i always tell ppl to draw a Locket is easier to draw a Timbang when Voting… :p
    so i did not simply vote lo…
    Anyhow, at my place the locket oso kalah liao… so, NOT MY FAULT OSO LA!!!

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