Atkins bankrupt

A devilish grin. A snigger.

Because of this:

CHICAGO (Reuters) – Atkins Nutritionals Inc., the company behind the low-carbohydrate Atkins Diet craze, has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, blaming slumping demand and a flood of competing products.

It amazes me how people can stick to fad diets. Eat only meats and other protein groups. Don’t mix with carbo. Eat only fruit juices, flush the systems. Never mind that you can’t stand during the process.

I had seen my female ex-colleagues dropping like flies during corporate events. Due to low sugar. They don’t eat, don’t drink and therefore, faints easily. Once, a tall, lanky sexy-turkey dropped right in the middle of receiving all the Tan Sris and Puan Sris. Hahaha, can you imagine a short skirt girl that goes flat on the manincured lawns of our Chairman’s home?

We (bunch of female slaves) were supposed to receive these big shots and there, she plonked on the grass, nasib baik tak terkangkang (lucky legs were not in the air). Received the curses of the Chairman’s wife, of course.

Cambridge Diet, Atkins Diet, AhLians Diet – none of them work, ok?

But do women learnt? Nope, usually vanity takes over the common senses.

I found one old article by Malaysian Medical Resources on the extend of which women are putting their health at stake in the name of beauty.

She volunteered that she was given Sibutramine (a prescription only drug used as a short-term supplement to diet and exercise in the treatment of obesity ) by a Beautician! Shocking that these people not only perform surgery but now also prescribe drugs without a license.

But if you think Atkins is finished….No, they say :

Atkins Nutritionals said it remained “optimistic” about its long-term prospects and it had developed a marketing plan that would target people who buy nutrition bars.

Nutrition bars? What? Taking a food bar instead of char koay teow or tomyam? No way, man.

9 thoughts on “Atkins bankrupt

  1. I’d rather have tom yam anytime 🙂

    In any case, I can’t stop pigging out, and snacking every two hours or so, yet I still look anorexic. Stupid super-hyper-crazy metabolic rate…

  2. Many people who tried Atkins’ Diet successfully reduced their weight. That’s why it’s pretty famous. I’ve read a bit about how it works, it does sound logical. We eat less carb so our body burns more fat instead of burning the carb for energy and leaving the fat behind untouched. Another good thing about this diet is that we dont have to force ourselves to be hungry (like what u said about ur friends, they fainted and so on). In this diet, u can eat a lot of food as long as you stay away from high carb food.

    I think this kind of diet is still better than those pills, drugs, injections etc. However, medical experts are still concerned about the long term effect of such diet… Hmph… Poor Atkins.

  3. I know for sure..i cannot be on any diet.. i love food too much.. !! plus got no discipline.. hahahha!!!
    PS :- Blogline just do not wanna update me on your new postings anymore.. !! and i do not know why..!!! suxs..!! bummer..!!!

  4. yday evening i followed hubby walked into a shop. a few of the sales gurls were having their tar pau dinner. aiyoyo i was so hungry and it smelt so nice… then i heard them saying the tom yam is the best goshhh… i was short of asking them where they bought it kekeke but i didnt :p

  5. the atkins diet is not meant to be for long-term consumption. it was known to increase the risks of heart disease and kidney stones. it forbade consumption of carbohydrates, but it sure allowed lots of fat!

    the founder of the diet, Dr. Robert Atkins, allegedly died after slipping on ice, or something like that. there was no autopsy done either. there are rumours that he died of hypertension and also heart disease, besides a few other diseases.

    diets are a no-no, just reduce portions and eat healthily, and exercise! no short cut, i guess!

  6. surprisingly my endro advised that one should pile on protein to put on weight as well. i said what about atkins diet, and he went like, you will pile on better with proteins, not carbo. his advise: people take nasi ayam, you take ayam nasi. yum, yum…

  7. I think reducing any food group is really foolish. We all need a balance diet to remain healty. Moderation is the key. Just eat a little bit less of everything lah if want to go on a diet.

  8. Atkins Diet have helped me a lot to maintain a very good physique. My mom is also on an Atkins Diet. `

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