Magnetic aquarium cleaner

Son : God gave you a brain, use it.

5xmom :Oh, shaddap. The bristle should be outside.

Son : You don’t know anything one ok?

5xmom : OK, then let’s Google and see.

Anyone rearing fish at home? Do you have the two-piece magnetic aquarium glass cleaner? One piece on the outside, the other on the inside. Then, you can drag the inside piece all over the aquarium.

That way, the fishes will have a better view of the world outside. And you will have something to do when you have nothing to do.

Who can tell me if the bristle piece should be on the outside or inside? There other texture is like a piece of hard sponge. This is like the chicken and egg question, no?

I had Google for Nirox magnetic aquarium cleaner but no one can tell me that. I must win. Bristle outside, spongy surface inside? Or bristle inside and spongy surface outside? I know, dumb question. But it is much better than being called dumb by my 13 yrs old.

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  1. mm… it is challenging to rear teenagers ya..hv to constantly strive to one step ahead all the time! hee… my Lara communication capability is still in the two syllables stage, so i can still shake legs!

    as for the magnetic aquarium thingy, can i hazard a guess? maybe its dual purpose thingy, both sides (sponge or bristles) can be used interchangebly? eg. use bristles first on the inner aquarium, scrub scrub clean of thick dirt already, then change to the sponge side to sort of “polish” to make it even more clearer so yr fishes can see you better? ha…a diplomatic solution, both also can, win win situation, isn’t life great?

  2. lol @ ‘lets google and see’

    people google anything under the sun now.

    ask the fishes, see if they can help :))

  3. Bristle inside 🙂 . Or you can test both using a buckle of water, see which one float. Floating one should be inside.

    Sun light and nutrients promote algae growth. You can put some unedible plant to exhaust the nutrients, e.g. the “fatt-choy bamboo”.

  4. hhmmm…i’m not sure coz we’ve got a HUGE blue tank outside. the kind u’d find in the fish shop where they keep most of the common carp. gives my fish LOADS of space to swim around.

    i know that we’ve got a HUGE pam that acts like a cleaner as well as the O2 provider sorta thingy. *shrugs*

  5. I am guessing (from zero experience) that the contraption works both ways. You can brush off the really horrible stuff using the bristles, then turn it around and give it a good wipe down using the sponge part.

  6. Kuzco – That means my son is right! Thanks.

    Yee Wei – Good idea also because both sides are useable.

    Yvy – Huge blue thank? Gives me a pic of an aquarium.

    moo_t – Both sides also can float. Funny hor? But that idea of slowing the algae growth is good.

    pb – Yeah, that’s our fav. Let’s google! I asked, they said they don’t know.

    laramommi – Don’t worry, you will get your share, soon. Hahaha.

  7. Hehehe!! sorry.. can’t help.. no fishes nor the tank..! wow!! you stylo-malo mom leh.. !! if my brat call me dumb.. i would be hurt leh.. hahaa!!!

  8. Why not just buy that sucker fish? Cheap what..bout RM2 each for a small one and can last u years. Nonid to decide bristle/sponge go where then.. hehe

  9. bristle cleans the green mold build up on the glass inside the tank. The sponge just wipe the glass dust outside.

  10. lilian,

    aiyoh…. you’re RIGHT! the spongey bit is supposed to be inside lah… if you put the velcro-like side on the inside, the thing will keep on slipping – apa pun tak boleh cuci… trust me on this, I learned it the hard way with my friend’s marine aquarium last weekend.

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