The breasts lady, Chan Lilian, strikes again!

It is that time of the year. World Breastfeeding Week, from 1st to 8th August each year.

Last year, I appeared live on air with Shazmin and Richard on the morning show, had a few appearances in parenting magazines, tore myself to a few hospitals to give talks and exhibitions. I was in Damansara Specialist Hospital, Wilayah Persekutuan (?) to 3 hospitals in Penang!

This year, I lie low. Enough of that, ma’am. It is crazy business getting posters ready, preparing handouts, slides presentation and hands-on demo. Pttuiii…who wants to see a 41 years old mother of 5 cooly flip out her nen nen and squish squish squish the milk? Hahaha, anyway, I got no milk, ok?

To think that I do it just because someone has to do the job! I don’t earn a single cents, dump in my efforts and the materials are self-sponsored by these great bunch of breastfeeding mothers. These mothers whose careers range from surgeon, NICU doctor, lawyers, professors to business women to every career. Aren’t they great?

Anyway, I stil got cornered this year. The Penang Maternity Hospital (a Government Hospital) is having an exhibition and public forum in wahlau-eh…..TESCO! I just finished getting ready my posters and leaflets. Unfortunately, my sons had made light sabers out of my posters frames. *ish!* Gotta buy a mop stick or something to hold them up tomorrow.

So, tomorrow morning at 8.30 a.m. this tetekz woman is going to do a public display at TESCO. Anyone wanna see nen nen, come to Tesco. Heh! Nay…I am just putting up the display. The public forum is on Saturday and my member in Penang will be there for the Q&A session in Mandarin. I have retired my milk containers.

I hope to motivate more mothers to breastfeed and will allocate whatever time I can afford to be in Tesco for Q&A. A whole week, mind you. I think my toddler is going to be thrilled spending time at the play area.

But if you see me blogging, it means that I am just too lazy to carry out the task. The nurses will be there to help me jaga MyMomsBest booth.

So, remember – August 1st to 8th is World Breastfeeding Week.

7 thoughts on “The breasts lady, Chan Lilian, strikes again!

  1. err !! i was going to tesco (penang.. of course) before reading this .. and now i’m wondering whether i should go and if i go and see you, how should i react .. eh wait .. morning only ? oklah ..

    auntie .. if you saw a handsome man smiling strangely to you at tesco (if you were there lah..) don’t worry, he might be me .. (devilish laugh)

    serious comment goes :
    very good effort.. i do admire this .. go lilian go ..

  2. soohk – Bravo, bravo, got dads supporting breastfeeding.

    Yvonne – I rather like doing stuffs like these.

    Saintiskreko – Really? I did not notice. Hahaha.

  3. i think your exhibition was at the ground floor .. i parked my car at the first floor so don’t cross your posters … (lucky you .. if not you will want me as your in law ..*devilish laugh*)

  4. Good for you Lilian. MMB certainly helped make the BF journey (a lot) smoother for the second one 🙂

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