Webhosting lessons I learnt

Here are 12 points I gathered from changing webhosts and moving websites.

1) If you are not a huge corporation, don’t pay large sums of money getting your domain and webhosting from webhosts who handle large accounts.

MyMomsBest’s previous webhost handles HSBC, BMW and others big companies’ accounts. Therefore, the webhosting fee was high. However, the webhosts are rather generous and kind towards my cause and provided me at discounted rate.

2) Besides the disadvantage of higher costs, remember that you are dealing with well-trained support staffs who manage different departments. Sometimes, I feel like a small fart asking a giant a silly question. These staffs are all very polite, prompt and efficient. However, I still feel intimidated opening support tickets and making sure I got my question phrased properly and directed to the right person.

3) Webhosting fees differs greatly. It can cost you only RM100 or some even charge RM400 per year. You will be baffled because there are many hidden potholes there. If you are new to the scene and unsure what is domain, webhosting, diskspace, bandwith, MB, perl, mysQl, bla bla bla, GB, then find someone you can trust and get the person to explain to you. (ahem, I am very clever now).

4) Do not fall for ‘Pay for 1 year, get two years free’ or any outlandish cheap offers. Do not be greedy with, get 5 more persons to join and you get free. These seems dubious offers to me. Do not fall for 2GB diskspace when you do not even need that amount of space.

5) Ask where the server is located. Is it in some far away country where you have absolutely no control? Is it in Malaysia? Open your ears and try to find out which is better.

6) Mix around the forums available in Malaysia and at least get to know a few people. Avoid attempts to get cheap offers over the internet as you may never see your site up and your money disappears. Buy local.

7) Preferably, your potential webhost is not someone who bears only a nickname. Or rant incessantly in his blog about bad hair days or bad neighbours.

8) Find someone who is prompt in responding to your quotations and queries.

9) Find someone professional who deals with you in a systematic way and can communicate in layman language rather than technical lingo.

10) Find someone who is not over eager to close the deal.

11) Make sure you list down everything you want and get the confirmation from your potential webhost.

12) Observe and see that the webhost have acquaintances with other people you know. This way, you have a better assurance that he/she will not disappear overnight or not available if your site runs into problem.

How I choose my webhost?
1) I ask for some assitance in Malaysian Bloggers;

2) A few responded to me but one stands out because he is more proactive and analyse the problems and offer a solution;

3) He has been very prompt in handling the moving, installation and upgrading of all the necessary stuffs like phpBB, SM board, Mambo CMS, moving 3 domains, 1 WP and trimming the diskspace;

4) Though his price is not the cheapest, I decided to give it a go because for the kind of service, I do not mind paying.

5) I prefer to deal with one person than a dozen of staffs.

Hahaha, if he screws up, I can easily hire Ah Longs and pour red paint and black dog’s blood on his doorstep as we are on the same island. (Just joking)

So, now I have two webhosts who are bloggers. Paul Tan and Bryan. I heard LiewcF also offers good webhosting package too.

Anyone wants to ask more questions on webhosting? Explain in easy to understand language. Just shoot.

15 thoughts on “Webhosting lessons I learnt

  1. RB – You notty! That’s not my criteria though. Quick, go arrange Penang bloggers meet and see true or not. LOL!

  2. RB – Read SapiensBryan’s comment. *hints*

    MG – Got no choice leh. Had to learn or else how to manage MMB?

    matakecil – If you are talking about webhosting package, Paul is tiny. ‘Cos I can’t afford much for my personal blog mah. Hahaha.

    BigBoK – SapiensBryan. You wanna get one? It is really cheap in Canadian Dollars. And you get a whole space for LittleBok.

  3. may i beg to differ for number:

    4) last time i tot 200MB is more than enough. But after a while, i realise, habis all the space. So, I go for 2GB. it’s filling up fast too, have used up nearly 1GB, storing online photos and space for adik beradik and close friends to load with their own upload accounts.

    5) if your audience in malaysia, then Malaysian host faster (technically), but i chose servers that are located in US. why? becoz all countries have huge bandwidth to US direct, so pple in Spore, Msia, Aust, UK etc can all load your pages very quickly. If host in Msia, a bit slow from outside. (this also depends on the hosting company also lah, some are quite fast, some are just too slow)

    some tips for pple:
    some hosting companies allows you go buy a package say 4GB and then allows you to host up to 5 websites on it. So, you do save lots of money, eg: chanlilian.net, malaysiabest.net, http://www.mymomsbest.com, apalagi.com or net, can all be on the same package. u pay once, and have multiple websites. your users wont know it is on the same server.

    as lilian said, word of mouth, ask others how they like their host. and also what they do not like. then u decide…

    ask also about their backup. if all gone wrong, will they be able to restore things back for you. VERY IMPORTANT!

  4. hahahahaha

    *buat tak nampak šŸ˜›

    eh i already posted a thread about the meetup in the msiablog forum.now waiting for u plp to choose the date.

  5. @keropok man : Agree, backup is quite important. Besides, have to ask whether they provide FREE restore of your backup. Some hosts have backup, but they will charge. (By the way, don’t worry, lilian. šŸ˜€ )

    @RB : Wah lau, now I know why suddenly there will be another blogger gathering liao just after 2 months from the previous one. LoL … :p

  6. wahaha no no bryan.if you takda show up,the meet will still go on šŸ˜›

    i didnt go for the previous one leh.the last one i attended was dunno how many months ago,organized by lilian in greenlane McD wan.

    and have you been to one? never see u before wan.

  7. Oh, if I go this coming one, that will be my first blogger gathering. Of course you have not seen me lah, I just started blogging since 4 months ago.

    Alamak, seems like tumpang aunty lilian’s post to talk something off topic. šŸ˜›

  8. The number of local webhosting companies, countless. The number of reliable and quality ones, few. The number of younguns (aged 17 or not graduated or never studied in this field) owning a webhosting business, aplenty. This is why it’s difficult finding a host nowadays.

    That’s why before I even think about becoming even a reseller for my clients, I wish to learn more about what should be learned. šŸ™‚

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