I blog for Google Adsense. So?

Someone said that I am blogging for Google Adsense. My topics are ‘commercialised’. I write with intentions to get good ads. I am doing copy paste job.

Hello!!!!! What’s wrong with that? Am I doing something against the law?

Someone implied that lately, I am so into writing blogs I have no time to visit her blog or any of her friends anymore.

Hello!!!! Wake up. You have not been following my blog. I had written that I am moving webhost, setting up new softwares, learning a thousand and one thing that your stupid brain can’t digest. While you are holed up with your own miserable life, I am putting up new forum, collating new webpages for the parenting site, trying to figure out how to set up a template for my online memorial site, learning MAMBO. And that’s not the dance, you stupid fool! It is Mambo Content Management System.

Anyway, though I am a social butterfly where blog hopping is concerned, I had cut down tremendously these few weeks because of the things mentioned above. I do visit blogs and left comments but I am not a hen with diarrhea. I don’t shit on everyone’s blog with LOLs.

So, someone then whine…..Yah, I guess your Google Adsense revenue must be a lot because of your parenting site.

Nah, I add one more ad , can or not?

Yeah, my Google Adsense revenue from the parenting site is a lot. So is my personal b*tching site and my food blog. But I don’t earn enough to buy a coffin for you yet. For fark’s sake, if anyone of you think that I am doing all these for Google Adsense, I hope I earn enough to pay a hired killer to gun you down. Miserable low life scums like you shouldn’t co-exists in this world.

Anyway, Someone is a fictitious character. I just got plain bored sitting here wondering if I should be doing all these. So my fingers got itchy and my brain got creative.

20 thoughts on “I blog for Google Adsense. So?

  1. Come on lah, LiLian, it’s 3am something when you posted this article, you better catch some sleep lah. You thought you still 20 something ah? Kekeke ….

    I’m sure you’ll have countless night to learn all those new stuffs, so happy learning. šŸ™‚

  2. Wow, for a moment there I thought this ‘SOMEONE’ actually existed and I too would have loved to join in and hantam this person. YOUR blog, YOUR space, YOUR domain, so what??? Up to you right? šŸ™‚ Lucky its only ficticious. *Phew!* šŸ˜€

  3. waaa … u blog for adsense ? didn’t realize that and i’m serious since http://*.googlesyndication.com/* is in my firefox adblock filter, i don’t like to waste those advertisers money as i know i will not click on them .. i do know u got fast earning from adsense (from other blog !)

    what i’m trying to say is .. for me, it is not obvious that you are blogging for adsense .. u do have content and i don’t see any tweak in the layout to gain more ..

    there are so many blogs out there who boast about their adsense and their pagerank until i got fed up.. there are some blogs which are optimized for adsense but with useless content.. there are blogs which have no content and are build for adsense .. and some of these kind of blogs condemn other blogs because of adsense .. chait !

    your blog ok laa .. so ‘mom’ .. haha

    eh .. you are joking .. chiss .. waste my time only .. hahahaha

  4. Dun get angry because of someone’s saying….keep uo your good post ive read some of your archives and it catch my attention. Ill be back for good

  5. with so many ads, it reminds me of those early geocities pages. so irritating…

    but nicely arranged ads ok lah…. :-p

  6. wah, lispek – someone here doing Mambo wor. tabik hormat. and since when did you blog for adsense? aiyah, too late to include you in my rap song. hehehehe šŸ˜‰

  7. aiyoh, lilian, you can’t please EVERYONE lah. even though you might actually be blogging for ad sense or giving others the wrong impression that you are doing that … who cares. i read your blog. i like, i click your ad. i don’t like, i click 1000 times to get you banned. see? your ads are a good way for us readers to tell you whether we like certain post or not … hehe šŸ™‚

  8. wuah aunty … so hot meh ? later pau huet koon then you know LOL!! ops … excuse me for the LOL … plz dun fark me !!!! i m not a cock with diarrhea šŸ™‚

  9. Jealous people are everywhere. If they don’t like it, they can always turn away.

    What’s wrong with having some extra income while blogging?

    Keep up the good work 5xmom!

  10. What? Cannot put LOL here issit? But I like LOL! Coz LOL is short and sweet! The only thing better than LOL is ROTFLMAO! With or without LUITA!

  11. wow,super pissed you are. šŸ™‚
    sometimes, people can say all they want..but it’s how you react to it that matters. šŸ™‚
    so as long as you’re happy..you dont’ have to give a cow’s moo about it. šŸ™‚
    Great blog by the way. šŸ™‚

  12. “Nah, I add one more ad , can or not?”

    Ah Hahahahaha Lilian, Lilian. Imaginary person oso you can scold until like dat. If the person real, I will say: “What are you looking at? Don’t like ah? Go someplace else and kakacaucau lah.” So what if you skew your words for commercial purpose. Your contents still there or no one will read.

  13. Hmm… one person doing so many things, support & administer so many sites/forums. “Yak keok thek sai” & still got some little time to blog hopping ah? I love to do this -> salute salute salute 5xmom.

    Dont anyway say i ‘phor’ 5xmom. Fark u only u know!!!

  14. Adsense is still feather light on load.

    I never visit a blog twice if the site load with tons of links and useless gadgets, e.g. stupid clocks/weather reports/useless flash etc.

  15. Aiyoh, your imagination is good lah, can imagine a fictatious person like this also. You think too much liao. You did mention long time ago that you hope the Adsense income can help you to fun the webhosting fee and all the expenses incurred in those charity website, didn’t you? I still remember that one. So, ganbatte (keep it up)!

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