I’m a little teapot… (Pin punya)

Teapots are cute. Especially when my 3 years old sang the Teapot song for his kindergarten annual concert. It goes something like this:

I’m a little teapot
Short and stout
Here is my handle
Here is my spout

When I get all steamed up
Hear me shout
“Tip me over
and pour me out!”

Now, don’t anyone tell me Ayah Pin’s teapot is cute. It is not. It has fangs on the spout.

And don’t anyone tell me that demolishing that teapot is the same thing as demolishing the Buddha’s statue by the Taliban. It is not. That statue is ancient. This is wise decision.

And don’t anyone try to compare my Malaysia with any other country. I am a very patriotic person.

I had deleted the comments left by someone. Originally, I would have allowed it. But I surfed over to the site and found the person making all sorts of remarks that is filled with hatred. If you do not understand others religion, just keep quiet. You do not call people who cover themselves a vagina.

A Christian stays within Christ’s teaching. A Christian do not cross the borders and condemn Muslims. A Christian is faithful to Christ and is not bothered by what others says about Christ.

So, remember, the owner of this site lurvessss to delete comments. And if anyone is unlucky enough, she can even twist your words and publish your comments. Leave your comments wisely.

13 thoughts on “I’m a little teapot… (Pin punya)

  1. but its not a teapot! its a cerek for goodness sakes. :p

    teapots are cute, short, with cute spout, cuddly even, if not for their ceremic-y material.

    as for people condeming others, its a good of breeding hate don’t you think? it spoils my moment if i come across such a site.

  2. One teapot serve many cups. And that’s the message from Ayah Pin teapot. kekekekekekeke.

    The smallest practical teapot is a purple clay teapot,~100 ml, used to infuse chinese tea for 1 person.

  3. Joe – Oi, u don’t perasan lah. You where got leave controversial comments like that siao Wingz. (hehehe)

    kasba – Hahaha, kote, not teko?

    moo_t – I wonder what your occupation is? So smart in general knowledge one.

    pb – The person who left the comment really has something that I would not wish anyone else to read.

  4. toxicle – He looks just like the contractor who used to renovate my house. I have nothing against him, really. If he used that, I am sure he will have a massive followers, including you? Hahaha. But seriously, the person who left two comments in my blog really made me uneasy with the sentiments towards religion and country. So, hence, this posting.

  5. His teapot got fangs? Where?

    Actually, what does his teapot stand for? Like moo_t says One teapot serves many cups, or that his teaching is very “chim” (deep), as deep as the teapot? Or that something is brewing?

    Religions usually used lots of symbolism, but can’t really figure out what the teapot means.

    I know!It just means “have some tea and take it easy”.

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