Yahoo search vs. Google search

This matter has puzzled me a long time. I have always associate the word search with Google. In fact Google is to search as Colgate is to toothpaste.

But I noticed that each month, I am getting hits many times more from Yahoo search than Google. Take a look at the vast difference:
(figure for today as at 7pm)

3. 111 hits at 12.80%

4. 46 hits at 5.31%

6. 19hits ONLY at 2.19%

8. 12hits at 1.38%

Does this means that:

More people use Yahoo toolbar to search; or

Yahoo loves my site more than Google; or

I thought Yahoo domains are getting extinct? But apparently, Yahoo is the choice search engine.

Can anyone enlighten me? Oh ya, I heard that Yahoo is going to launch something similar to Google Adsense and targetting blogs. Yahoo! Isn’t it time we blog more and blog a lot? That way we can gauge which ads draw more revenue.

12 thoughts on “Yahoo search vs. Google search

  1. This is something I question too. Why am I a Google magnet? Most of my hits are from Google. I would love to get more hits from Yahoo … like it or not it’s still the number 1 site on the Internet šŸ™‚

  2. Paul – pssstt….

    Boo – There are several free tracking like Nedstat, Sitemeter and Onestat. You can check out my Onestat. The little blue/orange ball on the right side. I prefer Onestat. You sign up and they will give you the code. Just copy and paste to your blog and you can get the stats. But if you buy your own domain, then you can get even more canggih stats.

    RB – Huh? Got meh? LOL.

    toxicle – Really? I want to be ALL the search engine magnet, including Blue Hyppo. LOL.

  3. I just check my stat, damn, the top referer are come from bloody spam site. But google is my top search referer, total 5K to date, 1.5K from yahoo, 800 from msn. I think the hit is aim for my domain name : Caffein šŸ˜‰ If I register caffeinbeer, I might get more hit. kekekekekeke.

  4. Recently, Yahoo has just improved their search engine, to cache more files from sites. My blog also receive quite a number of traffic from Yahoo search, just recently. šŸ™‚

  5. moo_t – Wah, that’s a good name to use then. All coffe addicts come to you.

    EngLee – Hi, thanks for dropping by. Such a coincidence, I just read your blog about Yahoo! Must try to keep up to technology and read more of your blog then.

  6. I think Google does not index blogs as vigorously as Yahoo. If you do a search of links to your blog from both Yahoo and Google, I’m willing to bet my money that Yahoo comes up with more results. Mebbe Google doesn’t want to duplicate Technorati’s and Delicious’s function. I was really surprised when I first noticed this trend.

  7. In my blog, the search engine referrer is slightly led by Google.

    To date, I have a total of 40.80% search engine referrers. Out of this 40.80%, 50.12% is referred from Google, while 48.18% is directed from Yahoo.

    Based on my personal experience, I would say that Yahoo is keeeping more of our archieve than Google does. Try searching for your old posts with these 2 search engines and compare the results, and you will find that your archieved posts could be more easily accessible with Yahoo.

  8. These stats are not accurate, there is only 1…

    And there are only a few regional options, Google has different tld’s.

    You have to take into account:

    etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.

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