Yvonne and her gutsy story in the paper

Have you read about Yvonne in the paper yet? StarTwo, Youth section, page 4 & 5 title Plucky Teen. A brief online version here.

Read and I hope everyone is inspired as much as I. She had to give up a lot of things due to her medical condition. Here’s is part of what is written,

“I’ve since put (that loss of) the music passion behind me,” adds Yvonne, who then found that she was not even able to sing because of erratic hearing and imbalance. “Fortunately, I was also reminded that I am someone who has always been able to adjust to new environments very quickly.”

Music was not the only passion she left behind, as Yvonne also did ballet, figure-skating and karate.

“I can’t do those things anymore so all of that energy has shifted to writing. I have found that writing is the only thing that I can do in the long run. Nowadays, it is what I concentrate all of my energies on,” she says.

She adapts…..with guts.

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