Got summoned by traffic police. So?

My atm is furious. I am not bothered. He had stormed to the management office (of our apartment) to demand them to get the Residents’ Ass(ociation) to make an appeal. I say it is a waste of breath and time. Well, it is not often we receive summonses by the white feet aka traffic police.

It is not often he got lausai (diarrhea) for three days and on medical leave. It is not normal that his car is around to get summon at that hour. So, he stomped his feet with fury. I open my palm and praise God that He must have His reason that he lau sai, did not go to work, stay at home and hence, his car get summoned.

Oh well, we seldom are on the same wavelength. Magnets of the opposite poles attract, don’t they?

**Details : Melakukan halangan yang tidak dikehendaki kepada lalu-lintas. Translation : Causing unnecessary obstruction of Traffic.

We DID NOT even park on the yellow lines. Four traffic police came and made a swoop on the whole street. Thank God, it wasn’t me who park the car last night, or else…double whammy. **

Overhead in the background :
Kid : Mom, you got no Google Adsense anymore, so why are you still blogging?

Reply : Ish, since when I blog for Google Adsense?

15 thoughts on “Got summoned by traffic police. So?

  1. kak teh – Iklan-iklan tu lah. Macam skim cepat kaya. LOL! I was accused of clicking on my own ads (which I don’t!) and though I earned UDS250, they said I main tipu. So, tarak bayang of the money.

    Yvonne – My account got disabled. I will wait for Google’s reply and blog it later.

  2. well, y wld ne1 1s to click on their own ads?? so now google is accusing u now? funny. no further explanation from them meh. think they just dont want to pay. u victim of backstabbing or what. saw ppl post comments bout u whoring for adsense.

  3. Samm – People usually get touchy when your traffic is higher than theirs. I had talked about traffic whoring long before I put up my Google Adsense. So, let them comment, it doesn’t matter.

    kasba – Yalah, skim cepat kaya.

  4. It is fine lor….maybe google get paid for the ads already and try to denies the pay to you so they claim that you did it…hehe 🙂

    But just launch its own Publisher and MSN also did the same. So a while from now you can get sponsor from them already.

    Yahoo Publisher Ads

    but both is in BETA testing stage.

  5. Hey Lilian, before my star article was out, I emailed adsense and let them know about the possible hike, and the thanked me for informing. *phew*

    well this is not really relative to your plight. but I wanted to add it anyway. hehe… hmmm me wonders what we can do to help you.

  6. Yvonne – Thanks for the kind thoughts. I had reported to Google before about spikes in clicks. They told me to monitor and monitor I did. Well, I shall wait for their reply and see how much I am going to reveal here. If you have a sum there, do take it out fast.

    8dee – Yeah, it is not the end of the world.

  7. You mean the cops actually came to the place outside your apartment and slapped summons for blocking traffic? Ask them to go to Gurney Plaza area lah.

  8. fishtail – Yeap, at 7.30 am in the morning. The whole road! Including those who parked to drop their kids. The ironic thing is my hubby wud have taken my #3 son to school at that hour but he got lau sai and turn back, leaving my kid to go on his own.

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