Let me tell you about Kah Soon vs Ka-Soon

I had openly stood up for Kah Soon when Ka-Soon (a team of bloggers) parodied and made fun of his girlfriend, him and every thing else.

Want to know why I do that?

It is not the person I am defending. It is the issue.

I see this as a form of bullying. A team of bloggers trying to silent one blogger. This happens now. It can happen again. It had happened to me too.

For e.g. one day a group of bloggers may not like Ah Sahms blogging. And they go around in gang trying to pull the Ah Sahms down. Just like the group of bloggers who photoshopped Kah Soon as an ape, his girlfriend with photoshop boobs. Should we allow this to happen?

Once we have set a precedent, it will be the norm. The blogsphere is not for mudslinging over petty issues.

I agree that some of the things Kah Soon did was annoying. And I did tell him openly about it. He explained to me the rationale for doing some of them. I don’t see it as a crime, just mere over eagerness of a young man trying to make a presence in the WWW. For that, I do respect him for his bull-headedness. He did not cower and disappeared altogether from the blogsphere.

Re Ka-Soon vs. Kah Soon’s issue, I try not to take sides on the person but rather the issue. Each problem has to be solved individually. Don’t like the matter, tell the owner. Don’t draw the whole blogsphere into it and make a small problem into a circus.

Like what a wise veteran blogger told me – when a circus like this happens, the matured ones are the immature ones . And the immatures tried to act mature.

17 thoughts on “Let me tell you about Kah Soon vs Ka-Soon

  1. the matured ones are the immature ones . And the immatures tried to act mature.

    So if your actions are mature in a “blog war” you are actually immature? And the immature-acting trolls are actually mature? That makes no sense.

    (Actually have come to the realization that all this blogging about blogging is so redundant – and yes, I have done it myself)

  2. well.. this cases do happen from time to time, and some ppl may misuse it to bring somebody down in the virtual world. Don’t know why some ppl are so sensitive n back-stab ppl on the internet… Like the case at my site is… some of our co-editors also face some firings over the web.. just because they over-ping on pps… just few days ago.

  3. IB – Nay, I was referring to that particular post on PPS asking whether to ban kahsoon or kasoon. Me and Hanyi where bringing in the jokes to diffuse the situation because many of the bloggers are getting on each other’s throats. So, this someone said that. Of course, those immature trolls are still errmm immature.

    mangkuk – It is fun, I guess. I do enjoy a good flame. Can see all sorts of behaviour surfacing.

    Wingz – Gimme a five!

    Belacans – Life in blogsphere is not so fun anymore. Miss those Buaya days.

  4. Why you take down your AdSense? You don’t need to show until so “chut bin” that you’re actually not blogging for AdSense mah. Sigh. These people need to learn to not envy others who can earn from AdSense lah.

    Kah Soon annoying meh? Don’t click on his link then can lor. He wanna ping mah ping lor. Bukannya boleh mati if he ping alot. Sigh.

  5. One action leads to another. If both parties ‘t.o.l.e.r.a.t.e.s’ I guess there wont be much havoc like what has happened. As if Tsunami is not enuff, now we got Tsunablog.

  6. Let me just say what I think about KahSoon pinging PPS. First of all he used to flood PPS quite a bit. Secondly I find it difficult to qualify his website as a blog. Lastly I think PPS caters to Malaysian related topics which KahSoon quite frankly does not.

    oh and btw… despite what I said KahSoon is still in my blogroll for now cause he was nice enough to link me. But once I set up my wordpress then it’ll be gone 🙂

  7. Actually if you don’t like the blogger, just don’t visit loh. That’s the way, isn’t it?
    Okay, PPS issue is really annoying. I also realised my ping disappears very quickly, but it is even quicker now with the blog war. So, better leave it as it is lah… right?

  8. lzbone – Hahaha, that’s the fun part of blogging. Either join in and mess up the thing or don’t bother at all. I prefer action and…laughters.

    Mr. veteran – Thank YOU for highlighting that!

    Lee WJ – Agree. If I have the power, I would strangle such people early-early. I am a dictator and wield that in my forum. For the sake of everyone’s happiness.

    Joe – Aiyah, why waste time here. Go do some reviews on condoms or KY? Do something useful for humanity.

    S-Kay – Right!!! I took it away to show that I can blog with or without Adsense. You guessed it right! LOL!

  9. Some people hold hatred…just like me…once. But I grew out of it. Eventually these group of people will get tired of it…if you don’t pay attention to them anymore.

    But lemme tell you why they did it. Trust me, you’ll be surprised of the truth. It’s because the victim deserves it…to a certain extent. Kah Soon must have don’t something that have triggered their rage and hatred. But then again, it could be just jealousy.

    But not matter how bad a person is, do not drag innocent people into the picture. You hate him, you deal with him face to face.

  10. Ei James, no popcorn and coke meh? LOL! Oh, wrong cinema.

    Galvin – LOL, are you part of the team? You seem to know so well.

  11. Lilian… I’m talking bad about Kahsoon and you agree with me? Did you read me right? If you did then have fun strangling KahSoon… I would love to see the pics!


  12. Wye Jon – Really, I do not side or against Kah Soon. What sucks is the implementation of some rules and sticking to it. Without getting every blogger including LiewCF into the mudpond.

    And then, hard for us to say which blog is good and which is not. Assuming Kah Soon is brain retard and only write one liners and ping. Can we tell him ‘oi, cacat, you are not qualified to ping’. We can’t right? So? Hope you get what I mean?

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