Let’s chill and blog about hungry ghosts, can ah? (This is part one)

I am PING-ing Technorati, Ping-O-matic, BOTD and a list of about 12 places. So, let me give a little background about hungry ghosts and promote my country. This is also like product review but this one ghosts review.

Tomorrow is the 7th lunar month in the Chinese calendar. Chinese use the moon to chart their calendar whilsts the (dunno who) use the sun.

On the 7th month, all these souls will be released from hades to roam free on earth. Many of these are lost souls who have no home, no family and no food.

Tonight, that is now, a lot of Chinese who are Taoist will be burning candles, joss-sticks and offering foods and gold and silver hell notes. I used to do that.

I did it because my mom did it. The purpose is to tell these good brothers (hou heng tai/hoh hia tee) to be kind to us, protect us from harm and just leave us alone.

If you are into these beliefs, you will believe that on the 7th month, tragedies will strike more often. You can observe this especially on the Penang Bridge. Old folks usually refused going to hospital on the 7th month (and preceeding Ching Ming) because death rates are believed to be higher. My mom died suddenly on a 7th month too.

Stage shows will be performed all over the area and these are to entertain these good brothers who are on ‘holiday’ on earth. I will blog about these later in my MalaysiaBest.net blog when I get the photos.

Whether you believe or not in the hungry ghosts, I know they do exists. I had seen my Chinese neighbour, an old man who suddenly fall into a trance and spoke Tamil (Indian language). One time, my colleague’s Malay neighbour suddenly spoke Hokkien. An accident victim trying to ‘return’ home.

For the next 15 days, I used to avoid any places with huge water catchment like the sea, river and swimming pool. Also avoid jungle and dark places. Don’t go phaktor in Lake Gardens, ok?

About 6 years back, my eldest sister suddenly gone into great discomforts come sundown. Each evening, she will get the same problems. Originally, she thought that probably it was an inner ear infection. She did not mention anything to me but one night, I suddenly dreamt my mom telling me that ‘all those people who died in the pool are disturbing her’. Right, I told her about my dream and she spooked out. She went to the Merit Sri Sayang Apartment for my niece’s birthday party. And her problems started since then. That place is haunted.

I know ‘cos I personally encountered it before.

…to be contd.

**Disclaimer : I am a Catholic now. I only believe in God. But I was a Taoist and have a lot to tell too.

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  1. Come I tell you my story pulak. Last time I had problems sleeping in the evening. You know kids, come back from school sure tired rite? I used to sleep from 5pm up till 7pm lidat then wake up in time for dinner. But there was this one week in August 1996, I would wake up in cold sweats and run down crying. Every evening, same time same kinda cold sweat. I could hear everything that was happening around me but I just couldn’t get up. My mom went to the temple on the 3rd day and got the monk to chant something lah…then by the end of the week, I could go back to school again and I slept like normal since then. Some said I kena kuai chak chan (let ghost step on the chest i think) but most would say it’s sleeping paralysis.

    Nowadays, whenever I sleep in the evening at Naz’s room (his house got some ‘thing’ that dun like women and they couldn’t get rid of her coz the bone is somewhere under the house), he would say that I would suddenly wake up screaming in tears and I would make those “uh uh uh” sound (when you takut, usually u make those sound) while I’m asleep.

  2. I came about your blog for the very first time and i came about your hungry ghost entry. This really scares me…while i was reading your blog, there are cold air keep blowing into my window. OMG….

  3. I had s-kay’s sleep experience when i was still a student back in kl many many years ago. I stayover at my friend’s apt sometimes and get that feeling everytime. Ya, man, very scary one. Cant move but can see (not awake, but in the dream can see) that the place is exactly the same as b4 i went to bed. But if you try to scream also difficult. Try harder and u can then wake up. Practise makes perfect. Havent had anymore of those dreams lately. I better go pray-pray b4 i go to sleep afterwards. And my son also pretty cranky today…. unusual….

  4. Wuahhh cannot go anywhere near sea? I am going to Pangkor next week wor. Any suggestions? Maybe I should just stay in room at night? ohoho I do believe too, cos at home, at certain dates (I can’t remember when), when we pray for our ancestors, we did make offering at the back of the house. My dad told that it was for the Ho Hia Ti – good brothers and sisters.

  5. Joe – Who says you are ALONE? Sing that MJ’s song – You are not alone… Some pretty lenglui will float to you, in her white gown :

    But you are not alone
    For I am here with you
    Though we’re far apart
    You’re always in my heart
    But you are not alone

    Just the other night
    I thought I heard you cry
    Asking me to come
    And hold you in my arms

  6. Hi Lilian, i would like to ask you somethign about the angkoo jelly.
    Can u drop me a mail? thanks

  7. Jeffrey – Google for Star Online cyberkuali amy beh and you should be able to get the recipe. I had never made them before. Or you can go to that place I blog and eat.

    Kiasi – Sleep early? Then lagi cepat datang cari kamu.

    surfnux – Aiyah, dun worry la. Lengluis in white only want to fren u oni.

    samm – Those can be just pressures (from school?) so it became like that, maybe.

    Wingz – Oi, cilaka. Buddhists don’t worship hungry ghost la oi. Get your facts right. The Buddhist festival over liao, the other day. It is the filial son who travelled to hades to help his mother to go to nirvana or something. Apalalu, kasi malu saja.

    ahkiong – take care ler, afterwards got hand come out from computer screen and grab u. LOL

    S-Kay – Yalor, we all from small already listen to all the hantu. So naturally, the mind play tricks on us.

    RB – Cannot continue liao. After midnight dun play play, nanti I sendiri also chicken shit

    Galvin – You so big size, dun scare leh. Lengluis ghosts oni want to tackle you. No harm one.

  8. I don’t even notice that its already “ghost month”.. Maybe some “hoh hia tee” are watching this blog with me :X touch wood..~

  9. wah…..exciting AND scary shit!! 🙂 *almost* the same thing happened to me. but since i’m catholic too, i dun want to believe BUT being malaysian – sometimes a bit hard not to. when my cousin was staying with me some moons ago, she would always wake up in the nite n call her bf – u think its normal but its not. according to her, that fella ‘assigned’ *something* to follow her around to keep her ‘safe’ (from what – i dunno lar). n sometimes, it ould disturb her. (assigned to protect but in the end, end up kacau tuan pulak – very confused ‘thing’, i think.)so the day she arrived, it was damn hot – very unusual, coz it was so sudden. she said that thing wanna come inside my house but because our house was blessed – tak jadi lar. as much as i didnt want to believe it, i was a kinda scared oso la. some more tell me not to say anything if i see anything outside the house. wtf????

    then one night, i found it VERY hard to sleep. (we share the same room) i felt listless, was tossing & turning the whole night. next morning, woke up SO tired because not enough rest so i told my cousin. n u know wat she told me/ she said, ‘thats why la, that thing was on u.’ i’m like WTF??? i dunno true or not but if so, that means that ‘thing’s’ having a ball of a time with me la coz off & on, i do find it hard to fall asleep. then again, my house is blessed so it cant get in. so whats the logic?? sigh. dunno lar wat to say….

  10. one thing i never understand is, ghost also can get hungry meh?
    one more thing i never understand is, catholics never believe in ghost one meh?

  11. aiyah, you all so paranoid one lah. actually, 24/7/365 (24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year) “those things” are around YOU … no need to wait for 7th hungry ghost month!!!

    you in office alone? no lah. wheregot alone. just need to look or feel hard enough .. and you will know there are indeed there just next to you staring at the monitor screen too.

    you in bathroom alone? no lah. just need to “feel” it and you will know a lot of people are STARING at your nakid body.

    you drying alone? no lah. look carefully at the “things” sitting in your car!!! 😛

  12. I’m sorry if my last comment was too rude.

    By the way, there is some mistake on your comment regarding the buddhist festival. The buddhist festival is actually same day with “Zhong Yuan”. Indeed, it is about hunger ghost. It is about a son to save her mum’s spirit from being bullied by hunger ghost.

    For those who can read chinese, refer this article (http://www.zaobao.com/chinese/region/singapore/festival/zhongyuan020901.html) for the explaination of the festival.

  13. Chi An – No problem at all. About the same as what I mentioned la. The son go down to hell to help his mother and because of what he did, his mom was saved from hell. Right?

    matakecil – Ya, we live in harmony. Ghosts and humans. Hahaha. Err.. what is drying alone? Wetting alone I know la.

    Mr B – Tell that to Mrs B.

    chief – Must wait at night only I can write ‘cos I need the help from the environment. But mostly these are visitations.

  14. Ah Pek, Catholics do belive that there is another side, i.e. satan which can come in all forms, including disguise as gods. But we do not ask favours or acknowledge these spirits and therefore, they have no power over us. These spirits also can come in the form of our deceased loved ones.

    If you watch all those exorcist movies, there is demon possessions. Which actually can be overcome by faith in God (and not garlics, silver bullets or metal crosses). In the Bible, also got tell about Jesus driving out demons who jumped into pigs and the pigs jumped into the cliff. Hehehe, interesting or not?

    And Jesus is a Holy Spirit or Holy Ghost. Which of course, is the only Spirit we believe in.

  15. Lilian ah, dun wait until nite lah. Can draw all ur curtains and make the room dark enuf for u to write the part 2 now or not?? Today Friday, tomorrow & Sunday I no work, no line… cannot read wor! Must wait till Monday meh??

    Yah, and oso wind the clock to 8:10pm lah!! Good girl lah… go continue and write part II lah… *sayang* *sayang*

  16. kasba – Yalah, people watch too many ghost stories so their mind also extra creative la.

    Yvy – Me too. I will take the rosary with me to places that spooks me. If my son tengah-tengah malam crying, I will make a cross on his forehead (like when we say Glory to you Lord before the Gospel?). I sendiri reka wan la, kalau ada kacau-kacau kena my cross pun lari lintang pukang liao. Hahaha. It is good that we have the Lord to seek refuge in. I also told my older kids when they go camping – if get into difficulties, just call for Jesus to help.

    toxicle – Wait I free time, I tell you what we hear there. I never want to go back again, ever.

  17. No wonder Star Cruise was offering 50% off cruise fares for Virgoans this month. No Chinese on board during HGFest! Which reminds me of the recent freaky condominium swimming pool accident.

  18. Mrs B – Yeah, no one will go near seas or jungle. And the ironic thing is my kids will definitely fall sick and sometimes, hospitalised during HGFest. But thank God, his malaria test is clear. Just a flu.

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    The real person behind the posting of daily entries in 2dayblog.com is Malaysian Justin Yap.
    Justin’s own website is kcyap.com but he committed a wordpress theme contest scam earlier this year and he is now hiding behind the 2dayblog.com website. His website kcyap.com is now redirected to 2dayblog.com. If you type “kcyap +scam” in Google or Yahoo search box, you can view pages relating to the scam committed by kcyap.

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