12 thoughts on “Poof!

  1. so what happened huh?? btw i got my ads to work accordingly liau… i check yr source then compared against mine which had an extra line… so i removed it and it’s now working… dun ask me how ok, me not techie too :p

  2. Oh honey, now the whole world know our secrets. LOL.

    babe – It is that frustrating ‘cos even a tiny stray apostrophe can wipe a whole thing out in java. Learnt through trial and errors too.

  3. RB – They can go to hell for I care. I can use the word fuck from now on. There is always Yahoo! Google is history. Chibai ran off with my USDfarking250 in there.

  4. o man!!!! USD250???? alamak….wat happened lar? i just read abt it in MBF. 🙁 scary lor….i knew that such things was too good to b true. anyway good luck with Yahoo ads. is it the same concept?

    ur page so ‘spacey’ now. 😀

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