To MMB forum members – Don’t write to me. The forum is not working at the moment until further decision.

To visitors here – Notice anything clean with my site? (You do? It could happen to you too. Take precaution.)

These two are NOT related.

12 thoughts on “Poof!

  1. so what happened huh?? btw i got my ads to work accordingly liau… i check yr source then compared against mine which had an extra line… so i removed it and it’s now working… dun ask me how ok, me not techie too :p

  2. Oh honey, now the whole world know our secrets. LOL.

    babe – It is that frustrating ‘cos even a tiny stray apostrophe can wipe a whole thing out in java. Learnt through trial and errors too.

  3. RB – They can go to hell for I care. I can use the word fuck from now on. There is always Yahoo! Google is history. Chibai ran off with my USDfarking250 in there.

  4. o man!!!! USD250???? alamak….wat happened lar? i just read abt it in MBF. šŸ™ scary lor….i knew that such things was too good to b true. anyway good luck with Yahoo ads. is it the same concept?

    ur page so ‘spacey’ now. šŸ˜€

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