Why WordPress rocks…No BLACK!

Eureka! I know why I love WordPress so much. Because after sieving through all beautiful, breathtaking, professional, cool (add all the positive descriptions you can think of) themes from AlexKingand other locations, I don’t think I have seen many black backgrounds.

So, that’s why I love WordPress soooooo much. There are pink, purple, orange, lime green, turqouise blue, burgundy red, classy grey, stunning gold, pwetty flowers and professional blue white themes……..but NO black.

Tell me, WordPress users, do you agree with me? Hmh? Hmh? That WordPress users seldom use black?

3 thoughts on “Why WordPress rocks…No BLACK!

  1. yeah…black backgrounds are quite annoying – you see lines after reading from it! Luckily opera allows you to change it to white…

    But if you mix black with another colour like pink, you’ll get this: http://www.jaredigital.com – one of the nicest blogs I’ve seen.

  2. Izzit? Well, then there will be people hate it because they will be searching for black background cannot find. I can think of Silence… LOL!

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