Women and their hairdressers

Can someone tell me why women tend to pour their hearts content to their hairdressers like men did to their bartenders?

Yet they do it so loud, louder than a 1000KW (bluff figure ok?) hair dryer. I went for hair cut. And these are the dramas I gathered from that 45 minutes long session.

Woman A – Boasting both her left and right neighbours are angmohs. Yeah, like fucking great like that. Not once but repeat three times!

Woman B – Her children lurvesss to eat brocolli, cauliflower, Popeye’s vege (by now, I want to scream to her to shaddap with all the vege’s name and just say vegetable), savvy, celery, brussels sprout, cabbage, carrot (are you bored yet?)……

Woman C – Her husband had left her for another woman and drove her out of the house. Yet, she returns everyday to tutor her son. She is not taking custody of the son because she said she wants the husband to ‘pay for it’. And she whined that ‘cilaka man’ never even bother to greet her every day. I don’t know who is stupdiest. The woman, the man or the women who encouraged her to continuing do so.

Woman D – She talks like some bloody blood sucker red and white flag nationality who can make 3 years old children do maths faster than abacus and calculators. I feel like screaming – Sia cha boh ah, you know we are living in the 21st century! We got computer, got Excel. Who needs the fucking mental arimethic (chibai, I don’t know how to spell maths) anymore. She babbled that children must learn EVERYTHING like piano, ballet, mental ariwhatmetic, drama, squash, pennis between 3 – 6 years because of brain development and all the other women jumped out of their curlers and listen like they have never heard of those can’t nina formula milk advertisements.

I can go on with more dramas but that’s enough for today. Oh ya, I sat there silently and thank the Big Boss above that He gave me curly hairs that need to be cut every 3 months. Otherwise, how to endure hair rebonding, hair colouring, hair steaming, perming with all these bunch of, of, of, of housewives?

6 thoughts on “Women and their hairdressers

  1. Lagi teruk than PMS. Hubby at home for 3 days due to lau sai. Cook porridge, thong sui until wanna suicide liao. HOHOHOHO.

    kasba – There is hope…

  2. I share your feelings. I’ve since learned to live with my VERY curly and frizzy hair. During my waist-long-haired days, i had to endure up to 6 hrs of non-stop infotainment from my hairdresser during my hair rebonding sessions…ISH!! Cut it all off last march after 7 ong years….. 7 years itch, perhaps. Havent looked back since.

  3. šŸ˜› Don’t remind me… I’ve wanted curly hair all my life šŸ™‚

    Thank God I’m not big on rebonding this and that šŸ™‚

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