Must reads :Doc’s views on Google Adsense

I am packing my artificial breast, artificial baby and going to Tesco in a short while. To sell breastfeeding. But have a few things to share before I go spraying my saliva to the public:

Do read Dr. Liew’s very different views on Google Adsense.

Please read matakecil’s INTERVIEWs. He has started a series of interviews with bloggers and yeah, some wise words are there. Like the one with Mr. Belacans. And don’t forget to read mine too.

3 thoughts on “Must reads :Doc’s views on Google Adsense

  1. logical response . place ads , provide reasons to justify them , receive revenue , place more ads , justify actions further , receive no revenue , take down ads , say ads are bad , say blog is clean . congratulations lilian , you learn.

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