Shall we stop PING-ing to PPS?

Bloggers, let’s stop pinging to PPS. Let’s not ping. Join me in not ping-ing. Take out that auto-ping, trackback and refrain from pinging. NO to ping. Tak Nak ping. In the spirit of the blog community in Malaysia and worldwide, let’s do it together.









We should sit back and enjoy those pings that are coming fast and furious from 9pm Malaysian time from the bloggers taking part in the Blogathon 2005.

Heh. You think I siao meh? I am not referring to permanently stop pinging la, oi. I mean from 9 pm tonight until 9 pm tomorrow night only.

Let’s spend our time, READING and commenting so that these wonderful bloggers have the motivation to keep on blogging at every 30 minutes interval.

I think that is the most we can help to spur them on – apart from pledging to the charitable bodies, of course.

So, don’t blog. Read and comment. Don’t PING from 9pm onwards, can?

To all the bloggers taking part – Bravo to you all.

(Had wanted to post this later but gotta ciao for some in-laws dinner (urggghh))

Anyone who flood PPS with their own blogs during this 24 hour – let’s call them lame, attention seeker, selfish, loner, inconsiderate, litterer, moron, .. .. .. .. .. … (Insert your own words).

Everyone agree with me? We go support the bloggers taking part by READING what they write and comment. We no ping. All those who say aye, drop your comment here. All those who don’t agree, go fly kite.

24 thoughts on “Shall we stop PING-ing to PPS?

  1. simon – I very clever to trick people mah. But you also can kena con with me?

    devilattitude – Hey, go and write la. We can reach out to more bloggers that way.

    Keen – Wah, so scary one? Webhost makan the site? You have back-up or not?

  2. hehe great suggestion, with so many taking part in the blogothon and posting every hour of the night the rest of us should take a back seat, for a good cause of course. It’ll be interesting to see what entries comes out during this period.

  3. no oh. cos the server crash without telling me, I’m hoping they are restoring a back-up of the site. If not start from scratch again.

  4. Wondrous idea. You’re my favourite person of the hour. Come along and witness my insanity (I’m taking part in Blogathon as well)

  5. Keen – Good luck to you then!

    Kervin – Ya, we should have the community spirit instead of PULLING out of PPS. I am not happy with what some of the senior bloggers are doing, saying things like we are making way for the new bloggers, PPS traffic doesn’t mean much, etc. I will write about my rants later on.

    Wingz – I dem busy le. Yesterday got 81st bday dinner, this morning got public forum, evening (now) got some CB dinner, tomolo morning got church, afternoon got seminar. Let you miss me la.

  6. Cyber-red – Hahaha, I am not cruel ‘cos Aiz has enough problems with those issues.

    Eliar – You bet! Watch out.

  7. Soli lah…i know nuts about this Blogathon 2005 shit. Just finishing off something that I have drafted a couple of days ago..didn’t read your blog first.

    Will only read others from now on.

  8. i dont even have time to ping. as im doing double duty. šŸ™‚

    at any rate, anyone is welcome to come by and read. i gave up on doing a themed session. just whatever that comes to mind.

    drank to much milo already….can you get drunk from milo overdose??? O_o

  9. yalah, nothing from me today also. just dropping in to say hello to all those to blog 24 hrs ah? i sure die one.

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