The haunting at apartment in Penang

I used to have a very close friend cum colleague, Aik (a General Manager) who has this 3rd eye. If he allows it, he can go into trance and Guan Yin will be in him. He can ‘see’ things at funeral too.

Like I said, I am now a Catholic. But I used to do believe in Guan Yin, goddess of mercy whom you can rely on if you are in trouble. Long time ago, I never bother about religion at all. Then, when I have two kids, one of them started talking on his own and became hostile and wanted to stay in the room alone talking his toy dog, Bluey. You can say it is imagination run wild, part of growing up and etc. But sometimes he would cried without reason and cannot stop. At one time, he cried so bad, we rushed him to the 24 hour clinic.

But the moment he saw a dog, he kept quite. Do you know that people born in the year of the dragon has the highest level of chi (or charisma or good luck)? We (that’s me) never have to worry about any bad year except dog year.

In olden China myth, the dog is the one who can feud with the dragon. No other animal can. (Yeah, I am allergic to people born in the dog too.) So, about 12 years go, things started to go cuckoo. (Next year is dog year again but hey, I got Jesus! I am saved. Phew…)

So, I was staying in Bukit Jambul flats (the older block behind BJ Complex) and my house has no altar or any kind of protection. And I can ‘see’ shadows. It is like when you are watching TV, the side of your eyes notice something and you turn but see nothing. Or if you are in a room, you thought that someone is in the other room. You call out and it is not. (Note that old people who have sodium imbalance can get a confused mind, very much like seeing dead people etc.)

One day, my almost 2 years old #2 son pointed to the curtains and asked “what is it?” If you are a mother, you know your child well enough to see that he is serious. So, we asked him back. He can’t talk much at that age. I cheekily asked him, “What you see – alien? Green green thing? Monster? Tell mommy.” Actually, I mocked. He did not say anything.

Next morning….I woke up with severe tummy ache and before I could reached the toilet, I fainted. Fainting is nothing new. But I lost bladder and bowel control. That is major problem. I was only late 20s. I went to every -gist doctors, check stomach, heart, brain, colon and did ECG etc. Nothing wrong with me.

Then, my kids started getting fever for no reason. I was desperate and asked Aik what to do. He took me to see an old lady medium. Aik did not know where I stay. I used to pooh-pooh at mediums ‘cos many of them are conmen out to cheat money.

But Ah Koh (the medium) does not accept any money. I am free to drop RM2 or any amount angpow. So, that’s why Aik trusted her.

Fuhlamak – the moment Ah Koh went into trance, she described my apartment. Facing south, the 9th block, on the 9th floor and unit number! (Beware, some mediums rear iblis/bad spirits who can do these investigation. Even Catholics are aware of this because sometimes, people will steal the ‘wafer’ which we Catholics take as the blood and body of Christ to feed these iblis/syaitan/bad spirits.)

If getting our apartment number right, I would have thought that Aik must told Ah Koh (probably did some HR check or something). Anyway, Aik is a trusted friend and earning good salary without needing to cheat poor me. So, we believed that Guan Yin really come to us because I was that desperate.

When Ah Koh was in trance, she (or Guan Yin) told me that we had lived in that apartment for five years (how can she know?) and since there is no protection, spirits are free to pass by and stay around to play.

After a few weeks, upon the urging of my sisters and sisters-in-law, I started worshipping Guan Yin. And life turned out very well for us with good health, good fortune. We even struck Magnum 4D repeatedly. (but don’t expect or demand from Guan Yin, ok?)

Guan Yin, to me, is a very comforting figure to look up to when you are in trouble. When I was phasing over to be a Christian, I also look up to the Blessed Virgin Mary as a comforting figure. I do not ask for any fortune but mere protection for my children.

Now, what made me turned to Christianity is one day – after Ah Koh had passed away, I went to see another medium. This conman is a big liar as I can see through it. I was pleading for Vincent’s life and you know what? This conman said he is Guan Yin and he (she) does not heal sick people! So, he said he is going to summon the beggar god. And when beggar god got into him, beggar god said he must go to the hospital to heal Vincent. And I have to pay him! WTF? So, I lost my faith.

If you asked me, I know that there are indeed spirits passing by. But if you have a faith, they are not able to get into your level. For me, I do often pray for the safety of my kids and husband. If we make long trip, we would pray for a safe journey. And now, my little toddler can do his nightly prayers in the cutest way. It goes something like this:
1) Do cross but mixed up all the direction like head, stomach, chin etc
2) Say – Pader (Father), son and holy pipit (spirit)
3) Say – Plis potect (please protect) my papa, mommy, koh koh, Vincent and Jesus (?).
4) Mamen (Amen)

The whole of Penang were making offerings to the good brothers just now. (I got my date mixed up, sorry it was not yesterday) If you are not a Taoist, don’t mock. That is disrespect. Treat these offerings with respect, avoid stepping on those food left on the roadside. And if you are Taoists, please don’t offer pork and left it all over the road (like outside my apartment). That is inconsiderate (to the Muslims).

**As I stated, I am a Catholic. I pray in tongues and can rest in the Spirit when I have privacy or in Shalom group. It is not something I want my atm or children (or any unbelievers) to witness unless they have the same depth of belief of the Holy Spirit. So, probably I am more transparent and hence, easily encounter good and bad spirits.**

I am sharing this not to scare you into believing ghosts but rather to assure that if you can believe in ghosts, you should believe in God.

Oh ya, got more stories. Till then….let’s sing We are not alone….

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  1. Understand your beliefs will follow you and form your experience here (pathetic world) as they do there (other realms of consciousness). If you believe in demons, you will meet them here in this life as enemies and in there as devils or “evil spirits”.

    Demons of any kind are the result of your BELIEFS. They are born from a belief in “unnatural guilt”. You may personify them. You may meet them in your experience, but they are still the product of your immeasurable creativity, though formed by your guilt and your belief in it.

  2. Hey Lilian 🙂

    I thank and praise God that you have found Jesus (or rather He found you ;)) and you are growing in faith with your local prayer group.

    Anyway, I want you to know that there is no room for the belief of Guan Yin for a Catholic; since there is only God, angels, fallen angels (i.e. demons/spirits/etc.) and us: humans.

    Satan can pass off as an angel of light (2 Cor 11:14), so therefore “Guan Yin” might be one of the devil’s devices to draw us further away from God. Pope Benedict (then Cardinal Ratzinger) wrote in “Dominus Iesus” mentioning that these superstitious beliefs stand as obstacles to salvation.

    However, I am glad that your experience with “Guan Yin” helped you relate to the Blessed Virgin and I guess that is how God writes straight with crooked lines. 😉

    I hope what I said helps 🙂

    God bless,


  3. Hey.. Lilian,
    Very enlightening.. but spoooky..!
    By the way… i need to know.. how i can turn on the time stamp..on my blog. If you happen to know.. please tell me..if not .. that’s ok.. cheerio..!!

  4. Big Bok – you try options and see? It shud be there.

    Celestine – Hahaha, I got my tenses wrong. I mean I used to, must change that. Thanks for enlightening sharing.

    multimid – I think what you said is – If you belief in ‘anything’, ‘anything’ will materialise?

    ThaiBoxingGirl – Thanks for that.

  5. I am also Dragon-Year borned leh. So, Lilian Too ah, any fengshui things can prevent me away from ‘such’ things and change my next year fengshui to good ah?

  6. True as Christians it is discouraged for the beliefs of superstitions and you should believe that the Lord will shield you from the devil. But at times even maybe irrational you do feel that there is something beyond, of ghosts, spirits etc. Poeple with the third eye are said to be more sensetive to such occurences and yes they said that it’s better to not disturb them as they are in their world and we ours and if we get too curious they might intrude. My aunt can sense these so maybe thats why I’m not always the sceptic if people say that such things don’t exist.

  7. If there is a God, logically there has to be a devil as well. We make them up? That’s what the devil wants you to believe. Sorry, everybody is entitled to their opinions, just stating mine.

  8. If you believe in an immortal soul, then there has to be spirits. I think its just logic.

    But Lilian, you mean that you stop beliving in the goddess of mercy just because you got cheated by a medium???

  9. You can speak in tongues? GOOD! Heal me please of my sinus and nose block, which makes my nose bleeds every morning when I blow my nose. TQVM. (I’m serious!)

  10. Taoists have deep respect for all kind and compassionate divinities… and even Christians come to the temple for help when the church offers no solution..Come on, what harm can we do unto you? We do not seek to reconvert new Christians. We have never labeled Mary as a heretic’s mother, so Christians stop labeling us non believers as Devil’s followers! malaysia has no room for intolerent people!

  11. Hi new – Whoaaaa…don’t be so sensitive. Don’t read between the lines. This comment board is meant for you to comment what I wrote in the posting. I did not say anything against Taoists, ok? Only conmen who used the Taoists belief to con people. So who are you calling intolerant?

    sexymama – Your faith will heal you. You don’t need me, just go to a charismatic healing prayers and surrender. Serious.

    Yvonne – It is sort of change of belief but not totally because of the medium only. I find Christianity offers more explanations. And I do not accept karma. If karma befell on me, ok. I screw up, I suffer. But when people starts offering the reason that Vincent suffer because of his past life, I know that I am not in the ‘right’ religion. Moreover, when the Lord calls, you just sort of moulded into it.

    I blogged the reason why I turn to Christianity somewhere.

    Mrs B – Agree but some people are overtly sensitive, though.

    Kervin – True, true.

    Kiasi – Jesus will protect you.

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