Your standard jatuh (drop)

Some LC blogger who is my good online buddy told me very frankly that,
“Oi, pet pet your bolok standard sudah jatuh”
(translation : Your blogging standard has dropped)

Of course, I trust his words. We can spew any expletives online or on the phone without getting angry at each other.

So, really ah? True or not? Anyone dare to confirm ah? I promise I won’t flame you. In fact, I promise, I will not comment back. Just shoot.

Die ler, maybe I really had gone $$money$$ minded and compromised my usual style? No F word for the sake of Adsense. (from now on, I can, yippee!) Or was I trying to please too many people that I dare not talk too much? Probably, I had mellowed? What? Gua kasi tiga sen sama lu kalu lu komen, wukay? LOL!

17 thoughts on “Your standard jatuh (drop)

  1. *check check no Adsense*

    LC = Lansi = Cock shit.

    And pet pet = *censored*

    And, blog in Malay is called ‘belok’, not ‘bolok’. ‘Belok’ = twisting (the truth).

  2. And I thought nobody would mention it. Compare to your old blog and old postings, I really enjoyed old times. šŸ™‚ Anyway, still following your blog. šŸ™‚ Perhaps, without Google Adsense, we get a more “garang” 5xmom.

  3. I dunno if your belok std jatuh or not but I noticed that apart from some “die-hard” belok supporter of yours (like yours truly) from your early days of blogging, your blog readers keep changing all the time….. Wonder why is that?

  4. actually commenters are not a good way to see who reads your blog… a lot of ppl read regularly but never comment…

    but i dun think lilian’s post jatuh standard… every blogger got up and down…

  5. Everyone has their own way of blogging and those style can change all the time for various reason.

    If readers don’t like it (not as if they pay for any subscription), they can always look elsewhere.

    But constructive criticism should always be welcomed.

  6. Mmm like the garang and emotional Lilian, you can be B****y when you feel like it with all the outlandish humour and bad swear words but also with a lot of nice posts that touches people especially when you first started blogging about your kids and helping in collecting donations for others, that what tariked me here in the first place, not talk about how much kutip from Adsense hehe. No lah not jatuh saham but less aggresive maybe, mellowing?

  7. Aiks, I got framed by doc! LOL!

    Anyway, I said I will not comment back so I will just keep quiet.

    But tenkiu Kerv! You said it all. I was trying too hard to please everyone I stop being myself.

  8. blogging fatigue izit?

    my fatigue never recovered since march. never blog since…

    press on. too busy to read ur blog daily nowdays, but still come in now and then to catch up…

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