So what you are a veteran blogger?

I stumbled upon something written by a blogger whom I look up to. Then I read something left by another blogger who left a comment there. (Added : This link from simontalks may be helpful. )

Both of these bloggers have the air that they are veteran, senior, established, elitist, celebrity or whatever shits some people like to label themselves with.

What I want to say is – It is no big deal what you think you are. It is the quality of your blog that matters. A blogger can be new yet he/she exudes so much wisdom/humour/attraction on the new blog that automatically attract readers to it.

You can blog for donkey years and still you sucks because you are ranting on the same topics and issue. Like I said, some people can just copy and paste their own postings, change the names a bit and no one would notice the repetition.

I don’t know about others but I find it pukey when people started announcing – Hey, I am all grown up. I don’t need PPS anymore. I am not going to ping anymore. This is ‘Kacang lupakan kulit’.

Then, wait for people blog and counter blog. And gloating on the comments left by the same bunch of airheads who plead, please don’t stop lah.

If you are so grown up, just get lost without the drama. No one is going to miss you. Because I know many good bloggers never used PPS like a stepping stone and yet, the thoughts they shared on their blogs made me go back every day. These good bloggers blog because they have something wise and good to write.

They did not make use of PPS to fish desperately for the early readers and then, later when they have a massive traffic (ptuiii…massive is just a figure of speech) they said, ok, I am outta here when the situation did not turn right.

I see this as the kind of people who refused to be in the same room with a beggar/retard and demand the owner of the house to chase out the beggar/retard instead of finding out how they can help the beggar/retard. This is snobbish.

I blogged since October 2004 and I am forever a newbie. I would rather be a newbie idiot than a veteran idiot. Yeah, truth of the matter is for every one compliment you get, there are a hundred people who are laughing behind your back.

Digest this – 面子是人家给的, 架子是自己丢的
(heck, I don’t know what it means but I know it applies to all)

19 thoughts on “So what you are a veteran blogger?

  1. The chinese characters mean:

    Face, ppl give one, but disgrace, brought upon by ownself.

    Something like that la.

  2. Ladida…why are there so many people out there who loves to compete and boast ah? Sigh. I shall just sit in my own blog and blog my own business =P

  3. I’m a newb and I don’t give a fuck what they have to say about me and my blogging background. BTW, it’s not my blog…it’s my CRAPbook.

    5xmom you rox!

  4. Some ppl’s head get big when they start receiving lotsa comments or readers or whatever but to me “popular does not mean good” (not my own term, I read this somewhere and find it to be very true). Anyway, blogging, like parenting is “To Each His Own”.

  5. Yvonne – I have put the link for you to unravel. You need to figure out which link to follow.

    MG – Nod head

    Galvin – Hahaha, nice name.

    James – Oh, the zoo.

    S-Kay – I hope we are thinking of the same situation?

    RB – Bouncing back to life.

    eyeris – Dun guess guess hor?

    Samm – I think it is very appropriate then.

    Adam – Sure! Thanks for that. Glad you agree.

  6. One more thing – The link given is simontalks but SIMON has nothing to do with what I am talking. Please don’t misunderstand, ok? Just that I am too chicken shit to say it openly so you need to unravel starting from the link by Simon.

  7. Saying how senior you are by the years you’ve been blogging doesn’t exactly account of how good a blogger or your blog is. If it’s good, you’re mentioned at every corner, your bandwidth doesn’t seem enough every time you upgrade and most important of all, you’re a modest person catering to your readers. 🙂


  8. Haha…eh eh..this time I dunno whether you sama wavelength with me or not.. but I was speaking in general ler..sigh…later lah..I will come up with a mushy post…ahahahah…when I’m free..stupid classes

  9. Well, just for sharing:

    A TV3 darlin’ as interviewed, and the report that followed described her as a “veteran” — juts about 2-1/2 years on te scene. Journos like me (of 2 decades young then) felt like being of “jurassic” park-age reading it. It’s alright, I also remember one MIC leader (forgot the conext, maybe with party elections looming), singing: People who know me will tell you ‘I’m Mr Clean’! Ah, the greatness of man!

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