What you dunno about me.

This is a continuation of those stuffs that bloggers normally put up as an intro. That 100 things you need to know. My last post was on June 27th titled I am she.

I dunno why the numbers seemed to fark up a bit. I can’t remember what I had written or how many I had written.

This is about blogging:

1. Know that I always delete comments.

2. I also edit comments.

3. I am not bothered if someone like or don’t like me. As long as I think I am right.

4. I don’t welcome visitors who left nothing but criticisms on my blog. I am not for anyone to criticise.

5. Some blogs bored me to tears and I wonder why they blog. But I don’t have the heart to tell the owners.

6. I hate blog hopping and then, receive a reciprocal visit within the next few hours. It made me feel like I was fishing for visits when all I wanted to share was – Hey, I really like what you write but you don’t have to make a visit to my blog.

7. Someone asked me why my blogs no longer receive the comments from some of the previously regular readers. Well, my answer is – Who cares…

8. I enjoy finding new blogers breaking into the blogsphere. If their writings is worth a comment, I will certainly drop one and keep in mind to return for more reads.

9. The very first few people who dropped comments in my blog are kervin, narrowband, dsaint. (damn! My blogroll is on random and I can’t find dsaint and narrowband’s links. I don’t know how to make it un-random.)

10. I will stop visiting a person’s blog when I find them:
a) Boring
b) Too self-righteous
c) Too insensitive (e.g. if my posting portray something sad, don’t bug me with nonsensical stuffs)
d) Too melodramatic

11. I will force myself to be bold enough to drop a comment if I feel the person could use some encouraging words.

12. I think our Malaysian bloggers are too immature, in general.

13. I thought TV Smith is an angmoh in his late 20s. (Kicking the guy who told me that.)

14. I enjoy flames.

15. I will be the first to bring my wok and ladle to char if anyone flame my fellow blogger friends.

16. I am very pro at walking away from flames.

17. I have a Page Rank 5/10 on my blog. While some poor souls who blog like a hog rank miserably low.

18. Technorati says this about me:

* By Lilian Chan
* Technorati Rank: 6,529 (197 links from 162 sites)

19. I am flattered beyond words that 162 sites found 5xmom a worthy read and link me.

20. I don’t know how many people I have linked here. Do drop your URL and blog name here if you want a link here. I will be pleased to do so.

13 thoughts on “What you dunno about me.

  1. LOL! I so busy exchanging emails with simon the person until forget to visit simon the blog lah. OKOK, right after I finished Part Two.

  2. I might be able to help you on the listing of your blogroll sequence. Just send to my email the sidebar.php in the wp-content/themes/yourtheme/ folder.


  3. wow! like 1/2 the things I feel about blogging listed here.
    Blog hopping… fishing for visitors. Man. I don’t bother anymore. So rare do i visit other people’s blogs, let alone leave a comment. But that’s not nice as well ei. =)

  4. I don’t link ugly men, sorry Wingz.

    RB – Oi, that was like a few hours ago.

    david – yeah, but not visiting at all is bad. A recluse pulak. I do visit but I visit because I want to catch up with the blogger, not fishing for reciprocal visits.

    Yeah, sapiensbryan had fixed the problem. Now I know whom I missed out.

  5. this could be a how to list for some bloggers as well. anyway, i read what i like, and leave what i dont like. and everyone lives happily ever after šŸ™‚

    keep posting.

  6. heh…i know u like flames…everytime u prepare popcorn one…anyway i delete comments too but i never edit them….edit for what oh

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