Bloggers meet in Penang

After much discussion, voting and la-la-li-la-tam-pong, the meet is confirmed:

Place : Gurney Plaza, Penang
Exact venue : Coffee Beans

Time : 2pm

Date : Sunday, 21st August 2005


Everyone is welcome. Bloggers, readers, friends, anyone! We have a thread at Malaysian Bloggers Forum. This is initiated by ReallyBites. Errmm….all lengjais are most encouraged to attend, rite RB?.

Are there any outstation bloggers coming to Penang during this period? It is the school holidays, I think.

13 thoughts on “Bloggers meet in Penang

  1. RB – Beating gong ah?

    Kuzco – Not many of us. I think only 10 persons (if go according to the votes). Are you coming?

    n305er – Yes, I wanted that photo for my karangan on metrosexual males. Hahahaha. But you see far-far, can see Starbucks and Dome mah.

    Chieftat – Aww…too bad.

    LiewcF – Want to come or not? I belanja kopi, travel sendiri tanggung lah.

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