Get yer dick on?

I don’t have any daughters so I can’t make any noise. But that doesn’t mean the thing doesn’t bother me.

Have you seen the short clips on one of the children’s channel?

They have these young Philippines girls that go ‘mabuhay or is it hai?’. Then this girl will start pouting and kissing in her ugly, slutty pose.

The other one is a girl that keep repeating ‘get yer dick on, get yer dick on’. LOL! Well, that’s how she looks and that’s what I heard.

So, I asked my 8 yrs old son.

5xmom : What is the girl saying? Is she saying get your Nikon?

son : Nolah, why you always think of cameras?

5xmom : But I heard only nick and on

son : She is saying turn on the Nick__d__on channel. (wouldn’t want to get sue). But they are stupid. If people do not turn to that channel, how are they going to see the advertisement?

5xmom prodded further……

5xmom : Why do they do the kissing stuffs? Pretty meh?

Trust 8 yrs old guys to tell the truth, and nothing but the truth….

son : Bleargh….so ugly the girls. Maybe they go kissy-kissy so that their boyfriends can go kiss the TV?

Well, parents with young children – Don’t you think these are subtle methods to pollute our kids’ minds with sexual content?

Come on, these young girls are at most 10 years old. Why would they need to twist their bodies, lilt, push their pre-puberty chests forward, pout their lips and go lip smacking to the video/tv screen? Is this the way you allow your 10-12 years old daughter to act? Is this proper for a children programme channel?

In as much as I want to teach my sons to respect girls and bringing them up to be gentlemen, sometimes all these can be stumbling blocks. They would be laughing their asses off, making snide remarks at the girls.

7 thoughts on “Get yer dick on?

  1. Children’s channel? Astro is it?
    Nowadays, everything is about the money. Moral values are all thrown out the window faster then you can say.. “WAIT!”

  2. you know, there are people out there who are doing some research of some sort – and basically the conclusion is this: shows your children watch on tv have implicit sexual ideas and nuances that aims to penetrate the subconscious mind.

    one advice. don’t let your children depend on the idiot box. it really isn’t a very good thing.

  3. Cartoon channels aren’t that beneficial… I agree with rayhana’s closing statement too. One wonders what kind of things kids pick up from TV these days. Kids’ channel too.

  4. BigBoK:
    it’s like this.
    imagine a ‘harmless’ cartoon like beauty and the beast for instance.
    it SEEMS, according to these research, if one magnifies certain parts of a particular scene in the cartoon, there are implicit sexual “images” or what is perceived to be that, in those cartoons. hmm… it sounds a bit unbelievable, but then again, it could just be true..

    *shrug* it’s just a research. but i hear they have got evidence.

    it is about ‘attacking’ and ‘staying’ in the subconscious mind.

    sponge bob for instance. that’s a cartoon, but i don’t think it’s meant for kids!

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