What is 5xmom?

I am supposed to be learning Mambo. But while going through the Mambo forum, I got side-tracked. Here’s what I found on the internet about Mr. Belacans, Dr. Liew and I.

5xmom is not anti-outlaws.

5xmom is sick – Life as normal.

5xmom is laughing at toddler antics.

5xmom is on the verge to grab the salami and stuff the girls mouth.

5xmom is organizing a gift collection for less privileged mothers and children around the Klang Valley.

5xmom is not really a demure housewife in Penang.

5xmom is the one who got me into blogging.

Found 10 ways to describe what 5xmom is.

But wait……This is even more interesting.

Drliew is one of her customer.

Drliew is patrick teoh’s father.

Drliew is bald.

Drliew is successful in getting his sea-monkeys to mate.

Drliew is one of the few blogs I read regularly.

Found 5 ways to describe what Drliew is.

And then somemore….

Belacans is Dr Liew.

Belacans is going to paint Suzanne’s room and also the master bedroom.

Belacans is actually a crocodile.

Found 3 ways to describe what Belacans is.

Another blogger has 14 ways to describe…. I shall leave the name out.

– is on a distinguished road.

– is doing Okay.

– is still spamming PPS.

– is one novice blogger who is making an ass of himself and everyone can’t be bothered to do anything.

is Lilian but Lilian is not ??.

– is outpinging everyone else.

– is so lucky to be able to ping so many times.

Guess who is that? See? There is advantage in out-pinging because that person has 14 ways to describe him. (btw, I deleted some of the descriptions) You go check and see if you have as many ‘What is’ to describe you or not? I hope you don’t get …

….what the hell is that supposed to be? I have no idea!

If you dig out any funny description, please share them here!

25 thoughts on “What is 5xmom?

  1. Samm is the MSC Engineering Office’s primary shipboard maintenance management.
    Samm is designed to assist in both optimizing equipment performance and.
    Samm is interactively taught using actual data and each module is discussed extensively.
    Samm is a rich and comprehensive.
    Samm is organized around a series of specific Key Success Drivers.
    Samm is designed to help business managers identify areas of strength and requirement across all critical elements of today’s business issues – people.
    Samm is to provide a credible accreditation service to testing. And another whopping 112 ways to describe samm, wahei!!!!

  2. I tried it and got: Ah ok lah … what the hell is that supposed to be? I have no idea!
    Well I guess I am not that famous.

  3. Mistyeiz is not a member of any public groups.
    Mistyeiz is online now.
    – thats not so bad.

    as for my blog name, it didn’t know what the hell is was….sigh. o well, can’t say i didn’t try. 😀

  4. Rayhana is getting her last massage from Toshi.
    Rayhana is still in the bedroom getting a massage from Toshi.

    who is Toshi?

  5. Reallybites is from reallybites.
    Reallybites is reallychun liao.
    Reallybites is offline.
    Reallybites is on a distinguished road.
    Reallybites is not a member of any public groups

    hahahaha! who invented that thing?

  6. Bryan is so cute.
    Bryan is one of those ‘scary’ computer people – not only can he program expertly.
    Bryan is definetly the one that I would.
    Bryan is telling the truth.

    Yes, Bryan is telling the truth. LoL …

  7. Reality really bites is the title of the blog.
    Reality really bites is 2005 reallybites Rin by Khaled

    omfghahahaha! oi oi to whoever who invented tis thing,reality really bites is not using Rin anymore,its now using orangesky!!!

  8. Peeples – This is much funnier than I expect. You had all been giving me ROTFLMAO the whole day.

    Thanks for sharing that I shall remember all the little bits about you. hahaha. Whether true or not, funny or real.

  9. Wow…
    Metria is the official market standard in Internet audience measurement and serves over 70 clients with custom research.

    And …
    Metria is also a safety inspector on her off days.

    And my favourite:
    Metria is known to add a little bit of excitement to mortals lives.

    So if any of you mortals out there need excitement, you know where to go 😉

  10. my God, there are 135 ways to describe what is sue.

    funniest are these 2.

    Sue is a young kangaroo who is unhappy with being a kangaroo and.
    Sue is not happy being a kangaroo.



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