I had an eventful weekend recently. On Friday, I attended Auntie S 81st birthday. It was a Chinese sit down dinner with suckling pig, free flow of wine and the works. The men wore double-dragons Chinese suits. The women wore cheong-sam, qi-pao and empress dowager Chinese suits. So, you can guess the ambience of these sort of dinner. 70% of the guests were above 60 years old.

Then, on Saturday I attended a relative 21st birthday dinner with barbeque, beer garden atmosphere and free flow of beer.

And there I was travelling to the future, 40 years ahead with Auntie S and travelling back in time, 20 years earlier with the relative dinner.

I got a little bit disorientated as a result of these time travel. I wonder if I can be as healthy and strong as Auntie S in another 40 years. While sitting down for dinner, the bunch of us were imagining what our 102 years old birthday dinner will be like.

As for the 21st birthday, if only I have the freedom to write more about it. It would go something like ‘OMG, I am trapped in an Uncle Ho’s dinner with the blue clothes abangs gracing the function The Ah-Lianest of the Ah Lians and the Ah Bengest of the Ah Bengs are there. I am so worried that the machine guns will start spewing metal thingies on me. And ACA will come and tarik all of us masuk. I better eat fast-fast and cabut quick-quick.

But heh, I cannot write down all these. So, there goes a good blog because I am not writing anon.

Well, have you ever wonder how many birthdays are you going to celebrate? This is just play-play only. I found out that I have until Friday, December 30, 2061 to kick the bucket. Holi-moli, that is still like 55 more years to go. I don’t want to live up to 97 years old! No, sir, thank you very much! With 97 candles atop the birthday cake, they would need to call Bomba to be on standby. By the time I blow out all 97 candles, I will be with Ms. LUITA.

You can check for some untrue and unreal info from :

Personal Day of Death

At least they calculated my BMI for me. Body Mass Index la.

8 thoughts on “81,21,41

  1. when u celebrates ur birthday, its like ur celebrating the incoming day of ur death. hehehe. just kidding la. ill also wonder what i will become when im 101 years old.

  2. my date of death is Tuesday, July 19, 2050 , but if i give up all the good food & excercise like mad – getting my BMI to below 25, I shall die on Saturday, July 19, 2053. A mere 3 additional years ( quality not guaranteed!) in exchange to truly enjoying life, you think it’s worth it? Nah… I don’t think so… 🙂

  3. my date of death 4/12/2057 – i’d b 79. 79?!?!? that’s like a LONG way from now. haiyoo…..the longer i live, the more sins i will commit – can ask for discount ar? 🙂 plus whether or not i lose weight to lower my BMI – still going to die on the same date. so no need to lose weight la – eat n b merry. after all, wat can u eat when u’re already 6ft under, tiok? 😀

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