A new, cool place to share your blog

Lately, the word PING seems to turn vulgar. So, I shall not use PING. Let’s use the word share.

There is a new cool place to share your blog. It is cool because you can get all those blogs and bloggers you dislike out of your view! Fuwah, syiok kan?

And those that you follow regularly, you just highlight. Then, with just one look, you can zoom in to where you to go.

It is in its alpha testing stage. Heck I do not know what is alpha, beta and omega test. But if you are a Malaysian bloggers or bloggers from Malaysia residing here on earth or in Mars, do help Einstein test it out over here.

Many familiar bloggers are already registered.

6 thoughts on “A new, cool place to share your blog

  1. Another blogtal? 0.0 Very soon I’m going to wonder how bloggers are going to keep up with so many of these kinda ping portals. šŸ˜

  2. Eliar – Be the first 1,000 and get freebies. Joking oni.

    Danny – For us users, we have nothing much to do, right? Just enter the URL to ping and every time, just auto ping. I ping all over the world in dunno how many blogtals like techonorati, ping-o-matic etc etc. Nothing to lose. So, we must thank all these PPS, PPS2, PPS3 etc lah.

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