The papers have something to report. The doctors are busy but smiling. The sinsehs are laughing. The politicians have reason to point fingers and show power. Probably, some lady minister is hoping the haze will cloud everything else.

But the people are suffering. The children too. I hope rain come soon to all of you down in Klang Valley. If not, come to Penang for a holiday?

See above pic? Taken just minutes ago from my bedroom window. The little minarets are the Penang mosque.

21 thoughts on “Blue

  1. argh!! i’m so envious!! the air here is becoming so terible you could literally choke when you go outside… vission is so bad, i can’t even see the house opposite me clearly… let’s not even talk about the minarets of the state mosque! oh dear… we are desprately in need of rain!

  2. wow,action lar now..Penang look so much better. šŸ™‚
    good for u..better enjoy it. šŸ™‚
    i really hope rain comes soon in Klang Valley else we’ll be needing alot of oxygen masks. šŸ™‚

  3. Well, the scene near Bukit Jambul (Also in Penang) was actually nicer. With lots of white clouds (not grey) and we can see the green hills far far away…

    And… Hmm… So you live somewhere near the Masjid Negeri… šŸ˜›

  4. damn angry that all the bloody DOE did was to issue some stupid directive to stop burning in the klang valley and the head of doe cannot be reached for comment. bloody sleeping is it? No crisis management team? Bloody hell.

  5. Oooh So wonderful to see blue skies. Theres nothing but grey here. Can’t even see the buildings opposite mine. Even my house is all smoky with all the windows and doors shut!

  6. INRELA-Man – I sympatise with you all la. Last time, over here we get it but you all don’t.

    MG – It is really bad hor? See the Mom’s Daily blog for some preventive measures.

    Mrs B – Typical lah. They have to wait for the highest hierachy minister to open the mouth. The rests are all too chicken to say anything for fear of driving tourists away. Rakyat suffers nevermind, janji tourists dollars did not run.

    q – Yeah thanks.

    n305er – It looks like rain here. Hope it rains.

    aka Brian – Not actionlah, cuma giving some different pics.

    emily – It is very depressing ya?

    q – I am sure when the blue skies are back, everyone is going to appreciate it more.

  7. Dear Lilian,
    I’ve been reading ur post almost everyday mind telling me how to get started with all this…earning money from google so on and so forth..
    Please email me thank you..

  8. I am angry because my sinus is back, making me sick. also su anne and suzanne’s flu/running nose were not recovering and to top it off, schools are given the liberty to call off classes. What sort of stupid directive is that? Schools have to inform/apply to what the xxx dept/ministry. HMs are unlikely to call off school, imagine the red tape and individual info dissemination hassle. it is so maddeningly to live in a country that responds to a crisis in this manner. also maybe pms, hehe.

  9. haha..yeah,i know..just kidding lar. šŸ™‚ Been looking at too much grey around town,gone abit crazy. šŸ˜€ Post more clear sky photos lar. šŸ™‚ Good for the eyes. Even while shopping in Midvalley just now still can see the bloody haze in the mall,can’t run away from it. *cough* *cough*

  10. Come here to Mid-Valley. Haze oso in the shopping complex le. Parking oso got haze le. Subang raining ice le. Here much more fun. We can wear mask. Sell mask even better. Make money summore. LOL

  11. come visit us in the south lah… we got clear skies here like up north.

    hmmm.. just saw the API being published in wah. Port Klang 400 over, hazardous level…

  12. dear lilian,

    i hope you don’t mind, i took the URL for your blue skies (and everything nice!) and put it on screenshots in one of the comments section.

    hope you have blue skies today as well!

    API levels in PJ where I am at, is at 362 which is hazardous. In Port Klang and Kuala Selangor it’s above 500 –> National Disaster!

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