Blogging turning me into procrastinator

Typical examples :

Mom, make me some cheese sauce for my nachos.

Ok, let me check the internet for recipes.

30 minutes later…..

Mom, where is my cheese sauce?

Wait, wait, got new gossip on someone’s blog. Wait first….


I am supposed to set up a new forum. Supposed to surf for some tutorial.

Two days later……still supposed to set up new forum.

Tell ownself, wait………….

Let me blog this issue first. After I finish writing, I will do it.

Then another two days later……..Wait…..I got more things to finish blogging first……then I do it……..


I am supposed to go practise Latin, Mandarin and Tamil pronounciation. Told ownself, let me find out the history of Te Deum and probably I can pronounce with more passion.

Three weeks later……wait……that can wait. I must take a few photos and blog about food first.

Conclusion – I am turning into a blogouch. A blob of grouchy blogger whose life is centred around blogs. Help!!!!!!! I don’t like procrastinating, I don’t like to buangmasa.

Someone, please zap my broadband connection or unplug my computer.

13 thoughts on “Blogging turning me into procrastinator

  1. I am having the same problem as well, that is why I am still here when I should be in the library studying. -sighs-

  2. Hey I agree with you so. Blogging seems to be dominating my life! And I have so many things to be done. But then without blogging, I don’t feel the fun.

  3. I know, now that my blog is becoming increasingly popular, I just feel obliged to post an entry everyday for the heck of maintaining the traffic. Totally takes away the time I used for reading and making films.

    It’s a good thing this is my final semester in uni and I’m only doing two units, and they aren’t business ones, just the literature ones. Gotta read Shakespeare and scifi books. Eek.

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