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Someone gave me the link of the Prime Minister’s office on the declaration of a state of emergency in Kuala Selangor and Port Klang.

These are in Bahasa Malaysia. I found a few things that may be of interests to laymen like us.

Closing of all places of business, whether private or Government

(a) mengeluarkan perintah penutupan semua pejabat sama ada Kerajaan ataupun swasta dan lain-lain tempat bekerja termasuk kilang, ladang, pembinaan dan kuari

BUT these places are excluded :

i) Shops selling food, supermarkets and markets
ii) Clinics and pharmacies
iii) Other places which provide necessities.

Larangan penutupan ini adalah dikuatkuasakan kecuali bagi

(i) kedai-kedai yang menjual barang-barang makanan dan minuman, pasar, pasar raya;

(ii) klinik, farmasi dan kedai-kedai ubat; dan

(iii) perkhidmatan-perkhidmatan perlu

You may read the complete statement from the PM’s Office website.

Walau bagaimanapun, Polis DiRaja Malaysia dan Angkatan Tentera Malaysia hendaklah mengatur dan mengambil langkah-langkah yang perlu bagi menjamin keberterusan keamanan dan keselamatan.

Note the above too. So, don’t be unduly worried with the appearances of more of all these uniformed authorities. They are there to ensure ensure things move smoothly only. Like TV Smith blog, Don’t Panic.

Oh ya, this takes place indefinitely, until the haze clears. Let’s hope the haze flies back to where it belongs?

And just now, Sham of Joyjuicewizard mentioned something in my comment box. He said,

Do you notice that API is caused by api (fire?)

To which I replied,

Yeah, let’s call it AIR (water in Bahasa Malaysia or air in English) instead? As in Air Irritants Readings.

So, let’s not talk API, talk AIR instead. Change of fengshui, right?

**Credit for this info goes to SK who updates me with the latest link. I can’t help but kpc. Thanks, SK! Your info is very, very helpful to many. Can I put your URL here?**

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  1. my chest feels congested…..my nose is block and itchy….

    Have they declared holiday yet 2morrow??? howcome no memo from my HR dept…..

  2. RB – Not a sight. Do you know that Penang has the healthist reading, below 50? Cool leh. I love Penang. Hope the wind blows south, south.

    Kuzco – No, shouldn’t be. Should increase and pray.

    Fahionasia – Yalor, everyone mong-cha-cha, kelam-kabut. The link from the PM office must be official. Semua tutup kecuali….

  3. Lucky me, I’m on holiday everyday. But I hope to be doing a writer’s job soon. hehe… this girl here like to wear hats that are too big for herself.

  4. Dei…I almost confused that SK with myself weh. Last time he mailed me, I was like “Why did I mail myself” =P

  5. Apparently the state of emergency only applies to Klang area onwards…KL area tak kira and Subang, PJ all not included..bodoh rite…

    You ppl should take your own MC…it’s crazy out there. I insisted on Mr.BF not going to work but that fella think he damn macho, still wanna go to work. He’s practically sneezing and coughing already. Man will be man. Summore wanna go play futsal but come back home and go tell his mom all the reasons I gave (to stop him from playing futsal) and made it as though he sendiri pandai think about his health *slaps forehead*…MAN..mau jaga muka only

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