Talking about haze


No, this is not a hungry ghost offerings.

It is what I can think off related to the haze.

Eat fruits, eat lots of them. There are plenty of fruits in our country. Banana, nangka, papaya, watermelon, honey dew melon, dragon fruit. Imported fruits also plenty now because of summer. Oranges, apples, pears and the yellow pears from Korea.

Drink plenty of water. Drink plenty of soup. Drink plenty of healthy thong sui.

Purge them bad air out. Poo ’em out. Pee ’em out.

Come to PenangFaces and MalaysiaBest for recipes. (nope, I am not promoting my food blog at the expenses of the suffering folks in Klang Valley, ok?)

I am just wondering….If the Government declare a state of emergency, it means no one can get out of their homes except a certain time, right? Have you stock your larder (food cabinet) yet?

16 thoughts on “Talking about haze

  1. hey this is a nice good way to promote malaysia’s fruits lol. Why i never think of this har.I does eat a lot lately especially watermelon.

  2. Went to the doc just now. He said there’s a lot of free radicals out there. One of the juice he recommended me is Carrot juice – contains beta-carotene to fight free radicals. But drink alternate days lah!

  3. Haiyoo kak..

    A hazy casuality am I

    *cough cough*

    this rat in incapicitated adee!

    API is rising hehe

    Have anyone notice Air Pollution Index (API) rise is caused by api(fire)?

    Interesting eh? NOT..Cough Cough

  4. hehehe… I like this sentence…
    “Purge them bad air out. Poo ‘em out. Pee ‘em out.”
    BTW lilian, do you know of anymore other websites like PenangFaces and MalaysiaBest?

  5. priceless tag line!

    i want to take your advice but i have yet to venture to the shops. in the meantime drink drink drink.

  6. yup. fruit and vegetable juice will help u detox and cleanse ur insides. rid ur system of all the bad bad haze. carrot+cucumber+beet makes the yummiest cleansing juice. go ahead and try some.

  7. samm – yeah, have to make the system go faster so less likely to get infection.

    q – Must buy and store because the whole supermarket is raided.

    n305er – Got, got. Boo_licious and Babe_inthecity have nice, nice recipes. You go see my Malaysibest, I got pu t their links there.

    Sham – kesian. Yalar, API, patut merebak. Should make it AIR – Air Irritants Reading (chewah, bukan main creative ya?)

    Annie – That’s good advice. Thanks.

    rayhana – Yalor, after I posted, I got MSN about it. I wonder if the people raided the supermarket? Last time, during the late 80s, there was rumour of an emergency and the whole supermarket shelves were empty.

    ahkiong – Go to and see the watermelon boiled with white fungus. Very nice. It is from boo, I think.

  8. kl api only 300, no chance to laze around the house with the kids. O, that’s what you do in an emergency a? I thought that only happens during darurat (as in raiding supermarts and storing foods). OK, I go buy fruits now.

  9. Mrs B – If declare half-half, how to define? Very pening ya, say you stay in an emergency area and you work in a non-emergency area. So how, go to work or stay at home.

    kasba – that’s what everyone looks forward to la.

  10. crazy. international media declared state of emergency for malaysia. heh.

    state of disaster in selangor.

    state of emergency in port klang and kuala selangor.

  11. *cough* *cough* almost dying…need fruits, water and maybe a Bugati? 😀
    i’ve been drowning myself with loads of water the whole and still i feel like i’ve been smoking..we should give the indonesians a wiff of what we’re having here. 🙂

  12. You are right….should drink more water and eat more fruits. I had a mild sore throat and after i drink lotsa water today, I am feeling much better now. Must really take care cause can fall sick easily.

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