Why blog when your language suxs?

Heh! I did not say this. Oh no, I did not perli anyone. I am merely apeing something I read on a blog call Rising above mediocrity.

I thought only we Malaysians twisted the English language into Yinglish, England, Yingrish, Manglish, Inggeris etc. Well, in the first place, we shouldn’t.

Hell not. Didn’t all of you, young and old, young cikus and old yams, know that the real English people from the real England came by and taught us English? Isn’t that obsence? Only after what number of years of Independence (2005-1957 = ?), we have raped, molested, sodomised the real English into all these mutated languages, you noe? I wuz like errmm sUrPrisED that errmm like don noe wut to say… errmm…u noe, like errmm…Byez…

Back to Benjamin Geiger’s blog. Read the two blogs which he pointed out in his post – Why blog if you can’t write? I am very sure you agree with me that this is so common here too.

OK, if you have no affinity for languages, fair. But if you intend to write, blog and ping what you wrote for the rest of the blogsphere to read, at least write in something coherent. Respect the English language, puhleez. Write the UK English, mind you. Those that are spelt with se and not ze. You noe? Not the Amalikan version but the English version. Dramatise not dramatize. Don’t traumatize, but traumatise.

Of course, there are special cases to bad Yingrish. But only do so if you have the style to carry it through like that hamsap Rojakz. His blog is one of a kind. Or like me who rely on my instinct to write.

Otherwise, use the dictionary. Use spell check. Use grammar check. Read the blogs with perfect English (mine is not). Read the English newspapers that your mom used to wrap the fish. There is no excuse for not improving your English.

You know why? Because your future depends on it. You need good English to get a job, farker! Why else do you think we need to learn English? Having a good command of English is enough to raise you up several levels in your career. I know because I am only educated up to SPM. But my ex-boss had thrown me into a pool of General Managers with MBAs and asked me to teach them to how to write good letters. Good letters to the PM, Rafidah, Semi-Value, Leo Moggie……

Look around the blogsphere. How many bloggers with atrocious English get mention? None!

Oh ya, while I am at it, copying and pasting too much information still makes your blog idiotic. Your blog still suxs because we don’t need another copy-paste blogs. Especially when it is a long, long movie review on old movies. Read what Swifty said.

There….I hope you Klang Valley folks who are going to be holed up at home because the Government said all good little boys and girls ought to stay at home, far away from the big bad haze, have something to read and comment.

31 thoughts on “Why blog when your language suxs?

  1. Cor Blimey…

    Ye Olde English?


    I must remind myself to accentuate my blogging with proper english…when I get around to it. Heh

  2. I usually use Word to check my spelling and grammar. It won’t be perfect though. I’m still trying to improve.

    I don’t agree with this. What’s wrong with using American English?

  3. then why do you bother reading them in the first place? or is your maternal instinct at work and you’re trying to correct everyone’s english and become a grammar police?

  4. Lots of people write very bad english. But this is a free world. And blogosphere is big enough for everyone. All have a right to write whatever they want. We can criticise, rant and rave, but we have to let them have their say. Like they say about freedom of expression: “I may not agree with what you say, but I’ll defend your right to say it.” (or something like that….) For me, it’s good writing exercise. But I’d let people write, however bad their grammar if they wish to air their views. I’d not try to stop even those who use tons of expletives. Only, I don’t choose to read them or let them comment in my blog.

    Ummm… this is not aimed at you because I know you’re just quoting someone else. Just my point of view.

  5. spoonfork – Then why you bother to comment?

    Jessy – This is just being patriotic, in a sense. English comes from England.

    Sham – Janganlah, nanti kito rang tak paham.

  6. LOL. Funniest post ever [insert out-of-place lah]. But my England not powderfullah… i juz blog 2 Xpres me opinion. Dun blame me kua… Hehehehehe… LOL LOL LOL. LOL. asl? asl pls? Hehehehe…

    It’s the haze, honest.

  7. Besides, on a more serious, poignant note, we should be proud of our Manglish, which is actually more of a creole than some ****ed up accent+slang. We should be patriotic. Malaysia bisaboleh!

    What’s the point of having prodigious [pro-di-gih-us], stupendous [stu-pen-dous] and exquisite [eks-kuiz-zit] English, with the most powderful repertoire [reh-per-twa] of words – no point nobody understands you.

    P.S. Thank the thesaurus.

  8. wait wait
    english no good cannot blog ? like that one aa ? aiyoyo ..me going to blog in french .. me speak and write paris better than speak or write london …

  9. saintiskreko – eh, eh, luntun tak bagui pun tak mengapa, janji orang boleh paham aje. Tapi kalau u blog paris, habis lah kepala pusing. Aku cuma acah aje. Kita dah nak Merdeka kan?

    Rajan – You know what? For all my 40 years, I just learnt how to pronounce ‘love’ correctly. *sheesh*

    But really, blame it on the haze.

  10. ok i give up … i read n reread n reread for half an aver liow … i still dont get it. This post atulee u no shadow kick liewcf or u very obvious kick me one jek ? KAKAKAKAKA!!! *runs n hide after he ignites the TNT edy*

  11. Wingz – MCB, You don’t put me on the table wor. I hormat Prof. Liew CF wan hor. He is on my RSS, Rojaks is not leh. His English nothing wrong in my eyes hor. You want to fight, you go other field and fight la.

    cynical – Yayayaya, Im ToKKiNG aBt pEEplEs lIkeDat ThOsE. You noe, it is like errmmm very annoying like errmm they never been to skOOl. Somemore kena lable grammar police pulak. Ish, some young ladies just lurve to show errmm….tok oni.

  12. In fact, one of the reasons I blog is to learn proper English. šŸ™‚ Being a Chinese educated student since Primary School, most of us are really poor in English, this is no doubt.

    IMHO, we can only improve the standard from reading and writing, no short cut. That’s why I don’t find it very weird a person with poor English is blogging. Maybe he/she is improving leh, right? šŸ™‚

  13. devilwithattitude – Yeah, right, they wanna learn. Nobody is saying no, no? tYpiNG tHiS wAy learning, right?

    Bryan – Hehheh, dun take it so seriously la. As I said on the first line, I am only pointing out the other blog which pointed to the other two blogs.

  14. Oh… After reading thou post, I think I shalt use perfect English to blog well. I looketh throught the history of my blog, and I just realizeth I made many errors. Thanks a lot.

    Is this comment fully perfect? Correct me if I am wrong.

  15. kiasi – You are in the wrong century, dey. LOL. Why la everyone so perasan wan…I am not talking about anyone, just apeing – monkeying – kera-ing oni, la.

    Eliar – People attention are too short, they should scroll down to the end and surf over to your site and try to crack the ‘code’, right?

  16. Agree agree! Its colour not color. I guess this reaction to steadfastly stick to the Queen’s English might be due to the continuous bombardment of American culture via the mass media.

  17. LoL… not serious lah. I think i’ve already passed the embarrassing stage where I had so many grammatical and tenses mistakes in one single sentence liao.

    Anyway, still improving, improving… šŸ™‚

  18. Hhhmmmmm…good point. I can still tolerate all those kind of errors BUT the one thing I can’t stand is PeOpLe WhO lOvE 2 Ty8 LiK Diz…..AiYoO!!! BuI TaHaN!!!!

  19. gosh, i mixed the two up, i tot american english guna -se and british english guna -ze. *slap forehead*

  20. Oi, what people write and how people write is their perogative …. why you get so upset over it? Just because the English is perfect doesn’t make it an enjoyable blog.

  21. sexymama – same question – why read my blog? It is my prerogative to write whatever I shiok la.

    autumnmusic – Our computers spell check are mostly American, so we are sort of used to them, I guess.

    Yvy – I wonder what sort of English they passed up in their school exams?

    JxT – yeah, free flow….help yourself

    Bryan – Hey, your English is purfect what.

    Yee Wei – I think only language teachers will be anal about the Queen English and the American English. The rest of us use Manglish.

    bUUt – Knot understand what you say

  22. There are difference between having bad english and purposely butchering english. Having a bad english is understandable but butchering it till you need a dictionary really annoys the shit out of me..

    here are few examples. gyrl, boi, mi, hv. seriously shit.. how hard is it to type girl or boy or extra 2 letters? *sigh*

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