19 thoughts on “CB! The haze is here in Penang!

  1. Penang still not hazy yet. In fact its air is the cleanest in the country at the moment. If i’m not mistaken, USM area -API is only 39. Very freshhh what!!

  2. moneyminded – Tipu mya la. It smells now.

    egghead – Yeah, probably I go and buy in bulk and peddle them on the road later. LOL.

    neeshen – Correct. The KL people just prayed, the Penang ones did not. So, that’s why all blow to Penang.

  3. yalah. penang ada haze oledi. i would not have notice it if not for my colleague during lunch time, shouting “bad news, guys. the haze is here” so i rush out the window and look yonder, sure enough yonder hill looks so hazy.

    ayo. must spend money again for mask? i sudah pokai already. maybe i just use my panty… er… i mean hanky as mask.

  4. Alamak, Penang’s turn.
    Actually the API don’t know correct or not wan. In PJ it’s above 350 but like normal like that (except for the smell).

  5. Papi – Tipu wan lah. It states Penang USM as 34 wor.

    Bryan – Aiks, Komtar so fast disappear liao? I can still see the state mosque.

    lucia – Hohoho, go design mask like panty and sell. Sure laku wan.

    doc – phooooooot back to some ulu place for you, with lots of love too. Go buy some entertainment toys from Amazon? Give away as novelty gifts for your patients? LOL!

  6. Shah Alam is definately much more better than yesterday at this hour. But still a bit hazy.

    Dear Lord, pls bring d haze frm Penang to Sumatra. Amen!

  7. Of course haze goes up north la. You didn’t see meh? KL people install big big fan blowing northward bound. KL people very generous wan. We share haze with Penang people wan. Hahaha.

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