What’s with us Malaysians? Especially the Chinese.

We seem to idol worshipping whatever we see on TV to the max. We ape the Hongkies and drink ‘nai cha’ when we have our very own homegrown Teh Tarik (aka Pull Tea) that is ultra best.

We adore Korean BBQ eventhough it tastes like meat soaked in rotten fruits. Yet, we give the fabulous satay a pass.

There are plenty of nice, nice kerabus yet we go for bland Japanese white radish and cucumber.

Then, of course, majority of women ape the dressing of the Taiwanese, ewwss…

It is the what we see, what we monkey mentality. Do you Penangites notice how many Korean restaurants are coming up here in Penang? Just because Korean series are the latest craze.

I have nothing against all these foreign foods. I love them all! But when small stalls, restaurants, RM5 shops and everything start to hang banner like ‘Korean food fair, Korean imported blouses, Korean Noodle festival’ and etc, it gives me the impression that we are all sheeps.

I do wonder about one more thing…..Are our Malaysian Ah Sohs, Ah Sahms, Mak Cik, Ah Chee (is that how you address auntie in Tamil?) and ‘dan lain-lain’ aunties going to ape the Desperate Housewives? Hmmm…then, major disaster! Everyone of us, including me, need to go for Botox, breast augmentation, sexual counsellings (who knows how many Brees we have amongst us?), nose jobs, eyebrow embroidery and spulrge on L’Oreal costmetics.

Gee…..I do rant a lot lately. Can’t help it ‘cos all I see on other people’s blogs are haze, hazy, smog, smokey, choke, choking, cough, coughing……

So, tell me, do you eat Korean food, drink Korean drink, buy Korean instant noddle, wear Korean panties and dig Korean men? Oh ya, drive Korean cars and are contemplating sending your toddler to Korean language class?

This is one of the hazards of watching too much TV. Stick to my advice – Keep a blog and stay away from the TV!