Enuff of operas and sheep mentalities

What’s with us Malaysians? Especially the Chinese.

We seem to idol worshipping whatever we see on TV to the max. We ape the Hongkies and drink ‘nai cha’ when we have our very own homegrown Teh Tarik (aka Pull Tea) that is ultra best.

We adore Korean BBQ eventhough it tastes like meat soaked in rotten fruits. Yet, we give the fabulous satay a pass.

There are plenty of nice, nice kerabus yet we go for bland Japanese white radish and cucumber.

Then, of course, majority of women ape the dressing of the Taiwanese, ewwss…

It is the what we see, what we monkey mentality. Do you Penangites notice how many Korean restaurants are coming up here in Penang? Just because Korean series are the latest craze.

I have nothing against all these foreign foods. I love them all! But when small stalls, restaurants, RM5 shops and everything start to hang banner like ‘Korean food fair, Korean imported blouses, Korean Noodle festival’ and etc, it gives me the impression that we are all sheeps.

I do wonder about one more thing…..Are our Malaysian Ah Sohs, Ah Sahms, Mak Cik, Ah Chee (is that how you address auntie in Tamil?) and ‘dan lain-lain’ aunties going to ape the Desperate Housewives? Hmmm…then, major disaster! Everyone of us, including me, need to go for Botox, breast augmentation, sexual counsellings (who knows how many Brees we have amongst us?), nose jobs, eyebrow embroidery and spulrge on L’Oreal costmetics.

Gee…..I do rant a lot lately. Can’t help it ‘cos all I see on other people’s blogs are haze, hazy, smog, smokey, choke, choking, cough, coughing……

So, tell me, do you eat Korean food, drink Korean drink, buy Korean instant noddle, wear Korean panties and dig Korean men? Oh ya, drive Korean cars and are contemplating sending your toddler to Korean language class?

This is one of the hazards of watching too much TV. Stick to my advice – Keep a blog and stay away from the TV!

12 thoughts on “Enuff of operas and sheep mentalities

  1. i like jap food, korean food, jap products korean stuff. but i ain’t no sheep. i still like our satay, nasi lemak and char kuey teow.

  2. Oli – Did you go ‘wah…I am just like the actress so-so eating this bowl of noodle. But eh, why my boyfriend (lou kong) never act like that hero leh?’ You know what I mean? Like my kids go all excited to eat a bowl of ramen because Ranma ate that. Or must buy some red bean pancake that costs a bomb because it is Doraemon’s fav?

  3. Mami. Ah Chee?

    Anyway, you said sheep mentality, I say healthy consumerism. Drinking na chi doesn’t mean that every so often we don’t go to mamak and drink teh tarik. Eating Korean BBQ doesn’t mean that we wouldn’t horde on the Satay during just about every party in Malaysia – Indian, Chinese, Malay.

    At least we are globalized.

  4. Faie – Thanks! Please come again.

    simon – Me too. I hate going into smokey restaurants. Go home time, even the bras also smell of barbeques.

    Jefferene – yeah, too mushy.

    Rajan R – Yeah, Astro had started many craze, especially to the food industries.

  5. I think there’s nothing wrong in loving Korean food, American food or European cuisine. As long as we never forget our own roots.

    Honestly, I’m Malaysian and there are many things I don’t like from the cuisine for example durians and however you want to cook it.

    But well, Malaysia is still blessed with great cuisine and I love the diversity!

    Following others in their culture is normal. I can’t say that we Malaysians are THAT Malaysian in our dress or actions anyway. Being a colonised country in the past can do that to you. How many of us are wearing traditional garb or keeping old tradidtions anyway?

    Just don’t forget where you are born. Is it that difficult to ask of Malaysians nowadays?

  6. I think we all fall prey…… into advertised glamour, be it clothings, food, make-up. The effect of advertisement is pretty strong i tell ya.
    But it is by no means.. that i’m only a follower.. i donch think anyways.
    I love to try new stuff.. and yes.. advertisement does work wonders on my head and action does follow.. but ultimately, i still love my char kway teow, nasi lemak.. popiah, rojak more than anything i’ve tried.

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