Should I? Errm..sell adult toys?

Like I said, I feel very liberated. Because gagging goggly no longer dictate what I can write and cannot write. I can write all the FCUK, CUFK, KUFC, KFUC and the other 20 other combinations without worrying that I get Public Service Ads which derive no revenue.

I actually got a confession to made. I sell adult toys. Yeah, you read right.

As in you know what and you know what. Serious. I had been doing that since last night.

I am thinking of shooting an email to The Hustler and ask for his private tips like how many USD million dollar he had earned.

I guess it is fun, no? To paste something on the side-bar that provides ‘useful’ information? If you are bored with the craps I dish out, you can always surf over to check out these ‘toys’.

So, should I? Put these nice-nice things on my right side bar? I know no one is going to buy and I will never earn a cent. But I like the novelty of having them. What say you?

(want to have a idea what I am talking about – go to my old blog.)

16 thoughts on “Should I? Errm..sell adult toys?

  1. kasba – Right! Good reason.

    KY – Hohoho, I can imagine the headline ‘Humsup auntie from Penang nabbed for operating successful online sex shop’ LOL. I am talking about Amazon la. You see, we can select the range of stuffs we want to display. In my parenting blog, I put up parenting books. So, over here I can put up rabbits and rubbers.

    blewtooth – Are you going to pay with your VISA! Hahahaha.

  2. i want, i want. i want em big. i want em long. i want em black. i want em double-ended. i want em to squirt stuff out. i want em to vibrate. i want em with heat. more than ever, i want someone to hold em for me oso. and i have 9 cards to pay for em too, hahahahaha.

  3. Joe – You late liao. This voting closed and since I only get positive responses, I put up mah. Very responsive to ‘fansi’ demands. Anyway, this Amazon no income wan lah, got people buy only I earn. So, I hope to get some sex-crazed readers lor. LOL!

    samm – Whoa…check them out. Those stuffs are displayed tastefully. Not like porn sites. My bday is coming. I wonder if I can put a wishlist? LOL!

  4. kakakakaka!!!! OMFGBBQKKI!!! when u gonna open your own karaoke cum bar cum niteclub ar ? you sure make one hella mamasan !!! KAKAKAK!!!

  5. Very provocative title.. hahha!!
    Sure go right ahead.. sell it..!! be different.. like you’ve always been..!!
    Who cares who say what.. !! as long as you are happy.. right..???

  6. Wah, can sell in Malaysia kah???? Very fun to use, you know šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚ šŸ˜‰ But after a few years, those rubbery ones tend to sort of melt down……. so gotta use as much as you can while it’s new.

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