WTF?!? Why IE screws up when nothing is wrong with Firefox?


Quickly change subject before more people perasan-ing.

WTF is wrong with my blog template (not this blog but Moms Daily)? The above is a screenshot of my own blog, written in my own words and this stupid Internet Explorer says ‘You are not authorized to view this page.’

I seldom browse using IE. So, when I see such message, very potong stim, mann.


You see, 84% of my traffic (not this blog but my parenting site, -I have different webshosts) use Internut Explorer.

So imagine they came by and see that sign and pttuiii…off they go. That means…..all my hard work of copyandpaste churning out useful information for parents are lost! Damn, I spent a lot of time on that blog, more passionate than this site.

This site I can talk craps. I don’t like comments, I delete. Every five minutes I can come up with craps. Over there, I have to be sure I am getting the correct propaganda facts, surfing for donkey hours, cracking my head on what issues to write etc.

So, can someone please tell me which part of it cause thatthe error message? Could it be due to IE cannot understand the javascripts from Amazon? Yeah, yeah, I gave in. I put up Amazon last night. Just to decorate the site, beh sai meh?

Wanna click, go click lah. Wanna buy dildo or rubber or not? I oso got. Serious! I put up adults stuffs in *one* of my blog. Woohoo, I feel so liberated without gagging Google.

Remember hor – I asked : Why did my blog get that error message when browsing with IE?

11 thoughts on “WTF?!? Why IE screws up when nothing is wrong with Firefox?

  1. i found it
    it is code 403 from googlesyndication.. (forbidden)
    so i guess since your adsense bo liao .. u get Error 403.. but firefox smart enough to ignore

  2. Saintis – Hahahaha, you are right. I malas nak tukar. Ish, kena rubbed it in by gagging google again. LOL. Thanks for that!

    Liew – Funny hor, some computer doesn’t show, some do. My sons’ computer also never show. Now must go and delete that gagging google code from the template liao.

  3. Boringest – ‘Cos most of the users are mostly mothers, that’s why I think. :O)

    OK, the code done. But anyone knows what cause the margin to run off like that?

    Can tell me which php file to adjust the width. Adjust which width? Left, right or what?

  4. hehe lilian…you should have fixed picture width…400px. cos in IE your right sidebar drop until down there. Actually for anyone who make website…cross browser compatibility is important, no matter how good is your content, if they see theres error in layout then they wont be happy. Thats why i spend few sleepless night to tweak my template to be compatible with opera, ie, ff, konqueror and safari.

  5. lil,

    the gambar susu in the freezer is causing the right bar to move all the way down. u might want to increase the width of your main table (the white thingy) or decrease the size of the picture causing it.

    that’ll fix it.

  6. Keropok – Yeah, I just shortened my per page views and send the milk photo to the previous page. Solve it temporarily!

    kahsoon – I no wizard leh. I only buta-buta take the theme from geeksmakemehot (or something)and use it. I don’t know how to change the width.

    saintis – Fuwah, I use the validator and baru nampak got 41 errors. But I don’t have the faintest idea what to do with them. My topo also very weird, I also dunno what to do with them. Biar aje lah

  7. IE sucks! I was happily customizing my css files for my blog when I found out it looked like sh*t in IE. Firefox rocks!

  8. Faie, IE not sux just because u can’t seems to fix the stylesheet between crossbrowser to suit ur webby.
    no offense. hehee

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