Now you see it, now you don’t

10.30 am – *drools* Korean BBQs, roasted chestnuts, sotong bakar, charbroiled steak, *drools* satay *wipe saliva* grilled fish, grilled crabs

Hmmm….nice, nice, so much food. Which should I eat first?

OI, MOMMY – wake-up!!!!!! Haze liao.

5xmom : Huh? (move backside, and head out of blanket)

son : Haze very bad.

5xmom : Aiyah…..You disturbed my dream only. Let me eat first mah, then only wake me.

son : You are drooling, so disgusting. Like baby only.


5xmom : *adjust batik sarong* Son ah, go take my camera. Quick! Must take photo for my blogs.

*son brought camera*

5xmom : Arrggghhh….the whole world disappeared! Where are the trees? Where is the State Mosque? Why your school disappeared?

son : Where got? Blur only mah….. Nay…the mosque.

5xmom : Oh, sorry, I forget to wear contact lenses. ehe…


Gotta to go out. Meantime, heed the good doc’s advices:

1) Do not convert your old bras into mask;
2) Remember to remove the push-up materials (got sponge, water, air, silicon)


simon Says:

yeah, use the underwire to adjust at your nose bridge just like face mask.

5 thoughts on “Now you see it, now you don’t

  1. Over here in Ipoh, the air reeks of burning and the environment has a sepia tone to it. Just made myself a cup of greentea, organic of course, hehe. Welcome to Ipoh, haze.

  2. Ooops! Forgot my advice of the day…

    “Avoid wearing contact lenses in haze.”

    I repeat.

    “Avoid wearing contact lenses in haze.”

  3. Doc – Wear or no wear contact lenses also gave me blur visions!

    And errr…you mean does fart sounds travel as fast? Not sure about the sound but the stench hangs around longer.

    Samm – You may want to put a banner at your door ‘Selamat Datang Jerebu’

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