OI!!! Come back, Penang no more haze

The sky is clear. I can see the moon. A nice, cool breeze is blowing.

We have had our dinner at the Northam Cafe and everyone was eating and enjoying themselves.

My son and his school friends have gone to the Summer Live Concert at the Esplanade. (got the link from Ashotiwoth)
No more smokey smell. Minimal haze.

Come to Penang. Have a holiday here. Don’t kiasi and run away. OI, come back!!!! The tourists la, not the haze.

13 thoughts on “OI!!! Come back, Penang no more haze

  1. RB – I saw it but dare not do it leh. Lemme find Paul or Bryan (‘cos I am their client, chewah) and see what they say. Silap-silap, I terdelete semua, lagi soei siau.

    ahkiong – Err…my words are as trustworthy as the politikus. Heheheh.

  2. hey… πŸ˜€ Don’t use that fix if you don’t want to… there’s another way… I think there’s a simple solution at liewcf’s tech blog.

    Oh BTW, the haze is gone.. But the smell still here… πŸ™

    Or it’s probably my cooking on fire…

  3. yeah…in the morning can even smell the haze.. we initially hesitated to go for the concert, but by evening (6pm), it’s getting better… so off we went! πŸ™‚

  4. Haiyah, KL also no more haze lah. Come to KL. Have a holiday here. DonÒ€ℒt kiasi and run away. OI, come back!!!! Auntie Lilian, not the haze.

  5. I got the summer concert ticket, but didn’t go due to lazyness and didn’t have any particular singer I would like to see also. Instead, went to have the latest cheese pizza at Pizza Hut near Gurney roundabout before going to SOHO til 2am. Kekekke ….

    By the way, your Daily blog is already patched with new file liao. πŸ™‚

  6. RB – Super supreme!

    ashotiwoth – We had the takeaway and when the pizza got home, it doesn’t take like cheese but some floury crust. Funny you know? You returned home and posted this comment and much later only my son phoned and ask us to pick him. This boy, dunno where he ronda after concert.

    Bryan – Hey, thanks, that’s fast.

    BigBok – At the moment (noon 2pm) the whole Penang is so cold. After rain and without sun. Nice weather la. So, come to Penang.

    dg – I was at Northam Cafe very early, around 6pm. Still bright as you can see from the photos.

    kiasi – Too bad, no more emergency, have to go to school.

    wendy – My son? He only 15 yrs old. Must 18 years meh? Anyway, he very big size so no problem.

    n305er – kautim, dy

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