Don’t ever, ever, ever wake me from my nap!

Gee, I hate out-laws.

It often goes like this. Out-law (OL) got something to ask. But refused to ask me if I am the one who picked up the phone. They don’t phone the hand-phone because it is more expensive by 10 sen. So, they use the house phone. Must insist to talk their baby brother (atmlah). Damn, if the questions are like how the USD and RM affects the char koay teow price or some income tax questions, then fair enough la. But there are questions which my atm has to refer to me. Like what to do to a colicky baby or why the baby cannot pangsai or shitty things like that. Menial stuffs that you wouldn’t want to interupt a Pengurus Besar.

Damn, write only one para, already puh huew (naik api). I am possibly the friendliest sister-in-law they can find on planet earth. Don’t believe can ask all my breastfeeding group moms. I am never too busy to listen to their phone calls.

But these two (out of four) super annoying OLs always, always got bad timing.

Just like yesterday noon. I had just dozed off for about five minutes, in the air-cond room with my toddler.

Ring, ring.

5xmom : KNN, people sleeping, phone what CB.* Grudgingly dragged self to pick up the phone.*

OL : Where is atm?

5xmom : Went out already. Anything?

OL : Went out where? Play ball (badminton)?

5xmom : No, just went out. (PKM, if you want to know so much, next time go phone his handphone la.)

OL : No play ball? Where he go?

5xmom : *Lagi naik api* Just out.

OL : Never mind. *click*

PKM, I no so free to tell you that your brother went out to drop the kids at church, then he went to cut his hair, then he went to hardware shop, then, he went and guard (or gut?) his badminton racket at his friend’s sport shop and then, he went back to church and then, only he come home.

Fcuk for waking me up from my nap. And not wanting to pass a message to me. Tiuss….. and OL never bother to call back my atm and that atm also don’t bother to return call.

It is already 24 hours and I am still mad. Because if there is nothing important, don’t ever phone my house tengah-tengahari to disturb my nap.

Remember girls – next time, find a Mr. Right who is an orphan and the only child. Never marry anyone with sisters. Especially one with four sisters. Otherwise silap-silap, you end up with 4 mother-in-laws.

*I know….. today is Sunday, I am supposed to write something inspirational like how God touches me. But I have been spending 9+am to 1pm in church so that’s enough inspiration for today.*

17 thoughts on “Don’t ever, ever, ever wake me from my nap!

  1. omg, my bf has 6 sisters!!! I can prepare to die…hahahaha. Why didnt u blog abt this earlier? Then maybe I dun accept him as my bf mah šŸ˜› kidding kidding

  2. dead – Hahaha, you are in for fun ride. If you bf is the youngest and the sisters are old enough to be his mother, then, ahem, your nick name is appropriate! hehehe.

  3. wah! You better watch out, wait till your OLs visit this blog!

    But ah… usually the more women(in the house) that a man grows up with, the more caring and less violant he is. Isn’t that a plus? If true, then I rather have 4 mother-in-laws, than to live with a big bully.

  4. My hubby has 4 sis. and i never stop myself from telling them to shove it up their A** when they whine about my parenting styles. And i dont give a rat’s a** how they raise theirs either.

  5. Samm – Hahaha, I know how you feel. The joke is their grandkids/kids turned out rotten, most times! I still remember those early times when I just got married. Fuwah, 4 cinderella stepsisters marking on me.

    Yvonne – Ehe, I got an ex-colleague who is effiminated ‘cos his sisters pampered him too much. So, I don’t know if that is good. Lucky my atm is not effiminated but very helpful around the house, though. Oh ya, OL read? Nay….very unlikely.

  6. And the irony of it all is that i’m a full-time mom to Gordon and theirs were raised by nurseries, in-laws and maids. Muahahaha, and they have the nerve to teach me how to bring mine up.. mebe, they jeles lah.

  7. I’m random reader of your blog. Enjoy your blog..Hahahah…really funny about OL and you ‘inspired’ me to write a comment. šŸ™‚

  8. detsaor dear – Aww…I am so flattered. Yes, I do notice you often drop by. Your IP is, isn’t it? Thank you sooooo much! Please come by often.

    Kriszti – Thanks. Hahaha.

    Samm – I guess it is the ‘I am better than you are ‘cos I got more kids than you’ kinda thing.

  9. Next time when you nap just pull the plug off and tell ur atm/kids call cell phone if its urgent.
    No one calls when I’m not busy,.. the minute , I’m in the bath, toilet or nap– Dang phone rings…

  10. RB – LOL. Yeah, detsaor probably sleeps like a pig, no phone can wake her/him. And if the bed is on fire, sure become roast pig. That’s why the nick.

    Romantic – The problem with my cellphone is – It is always on silent mode or no batteries.

  11. Wei wei weiiiii… I got 2 sisters & I’m not yet married oh!!! And u r already scaring off my darling!!!!! KNN

  12. man with big female influence grow up to be big sissy.

    -as per my personal experience la. no offense to other men who have more female family members & are still macho šŸ™‚

  13. Eee, no wonder Joe so comel lah. Kahkahkah.

    lynnee – Lucky my atm had been ‘relocated’ from home since young because his school was too far from home. Otherwise, pengsan.

  14. Wow..!! heng ah.. lilian..!!! my in-laws not like that.. ah..!!
    But i agree totally with you .. marry a chinese.. with loads of sisters.. surely die fast, fast..!!!

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