Killing historical site to get rid of transexuals?

Near the Penang Botanical Gardens, there is this beautiful moon-gate which I had featured on my other blog.


It has been there for a long, long time, which is a 19th century gate to a mansion. Just a piece of wall left now as there is no longer a building around. This nice looking round shape gate is the starting point for the climb up the Penang Hill.

The gate was there and it doesn’t bother anyone. But one day….some crazy goons decided to tear it down! Because they said hor, the wall harbour some bad activities. Some pondans (what you call in English? Transexuals?) or somebody go kongkek (fcuk) behind the wall.

Oh puhleez, it is just a piece of wall, with no enclosure. It is not even a house or a small pondok. Just one flat wall.

Arrrggh….can you imagine the kind of mentality? Tearing down a peice of historical wall to get rid of some pondans?

Why can’t they just hang a sign like :

Sesiapa pun tidak dibenarkan kongkek di sini melainkan kera-kera dari Taman Botani Pulau Pinang?
(No fckuing allowed here except the monkeys from the Botanical Gardens)


Di larang berdua-duan atau beromen di sini. Denda RM500.
(No hanky-panky or romancing here. Fine RM500.)

Now that part of the wall has been torn down which includes a nice lattice window (like a mat type?), they are going to spend lots of money to put it up again. Ish!

Why didn’t everyone make undi kesian like me?

14 thoughts on “Killing historical site to get rid of transexuals?

  1. Its not surprising. Not many people care about heritage or even the environment. They would rather cut down hundreds of trees and then later put up plastic palm trees.

  2. yeah, I find that the most local auth does not consult with regards to cultural matters. There seems to be zero consultation until highlights from the press or anybody. This is appalling.

    I hope the additional structures that they r putting up are not part of the arabian waves that is hitting KL.

  3. keatix – Ya, maybe they wanted to build a teapot there. LOL! Actually, they could have use some better excuse like soil test done, structure unsafe blah blah instead of pointing fingers at transexuals carrying out activities there like urinating etc.

    Adam – Yeah, sad that these people are the ones in power of demolition.

  4. On second thoughts , hey, that’s a sure good way to create some “fund”-raising projects for certain people with connections…..(OMG here we go again…)

  5. Damn!! All my childhood memories are all gone!!! GRRR
    What happen to “cultural and heritage -rich Malaysia” ???

    MUHAHAHA very soon they’re going to have glass walls in Malaysia cos people of various sxual orientation ARE fcuking behind walls MUAHAHAHA

  6. What about the pondans in Chulia Street, Leith Street and god knows which places then? Break down the buildings there too? Or Maybe they just didn’t realise.. 😛

  7. Whoever make the decision to tear down the war are lack of dignity. You know, people who have low self-esteem feel better when they discover a way to supress other people value. Don’t be suprise, I think 9 out of 10 of our Parliment member are bigot with low self-esteem. This show the quality of the “people” that cast their vote.

  8. moo_t: you said, “This show the quality of the “people” that cast their vote”.

    You mean us voters? Hey, you mean as if we got better choices ahh? Most of the time we never even see these people we have to vote for, esp in “safe” constituencies. If we don’t go and vote they say we’re not patriotic….

    Our like politic’s just like our cars, telcos, utilities & services, etc. All monopolised. Take it or leave (it).

  9. Lilian

    Lets do a “pungutan suara” and send it to that area MP. Tell that fella you don’t cut yr nose to spite yr face. So, if they want to get rid of the illegal sexual activities, just put someone to meronda. I remeber very well that wall coz when i was young i used to hike Bukit Bendera through that gate. Pls don’t let Penang authorities demolish that ancient & historical wall like they did with my favourite , memorable Hotel Metropole…huk..huk..huk..sob

  10. moneyminded – psst…u know that fav hotel of yours belong to who? ahem, that president who refused to step down, pakai spek, nyanyuk apek? Then, they sold it off and the owner did a lightning strike to flatten the land when the authorities aren’t watching. And today, that old man somemore says he is not going to step down until 2007. Ish.

    LC Teh – Hahaha, every 5 year, I go in patriotic but the queue made me mad, simple arrangements also they farked up. So, every year, I choose the moon at the last minute!

    moo_t – Probably because of the ethnic identity of the wall. Now that you mention it, probably that’s why.

    niresh – they are only using the pondans and ahkuas as excuse.

    Romantic – They only got to demolish one side of the wall before the Penang Heritage Trusts intervene. Hmmm..maybe I should get my fat butt over there for another photo on the damages done? Haze is gone, time for the park! See lah.

  11. Hehehehe, 5xmom you are no suppose to say who you voted to. Although every election I cast mine to which is not a slanted scale. 😉

    I think the matters is more serious than ethnics issue. People with low self-esteem care less about their own value as well.

    Besides destroying others people heritage, they also want to destory their own heritage(so they can be from anyone from any ethics). They try to make something new to separate themself from the past they hates. Now these people become part of our the government and using the name of “development”,”urban renewal”,”beautification”.

    Last few month, with my friend, I visit her home town in Perak. It is a well plan Chinese village. But a “beautification” project that underway chopped off most of the tree which growth up together with the village people. The village pay a huge price become a meaningless “model village” which give no benefit to the village people. And the idea of the “beautification” is come from the chinese ruling party.

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